#write31days: our new home

2014-10-01_0002 Hooray! It's OCTOBER! My most favorite month of all. Normally today I'd be examining last month's goals and setting some new ones for this month, but our apartment is currently a maze of unsteady box towers and random bits and pieces because today is the day we start moving into our new house! I just picked up the keys about an hour ago and am dashing out the door in five to make a walmart run for cleaning supplies. It's a 100-year old house in the historic part of town and man, does it need a SERIOUS cleaning. And I'll be the first to admit how much I lOVE to clean. We're already a match made in heaven, sweet little house.

I'm super pumped this month to be teaming up with Myquillyn over at The Nester, along with tonnnnnns of other lovely bloggers, for the #write31days blogging challenge during the month of October. Each person picks a topic and we write about that topic for the month, every day! I might be crazy to be doing this on top of moving, so I decided to just make moving my topic! It's super convenient that we got the keys on October 1st, so I decided my topic would be the first 31 days in our first house. I'm so excited to share all the craziness of moving in and starting DIY projects, inspiration for future projects and some tips and tricks I've learned (and will learn!) along the way. Hope you're into it!

Happy pumpkin spice and everything nice,

Val <3