Monday currently // 06

2015-06-08_0001 Eating / 80% paleo! It's going well. We've had a few treats here and there, but there's no guilt included because the majority of what we're eating are super healthy options. I feel good about it. This looser structure is working well for us.

Drinking / Cold brewed iced coffee. All day.

Practicing / Accepting grace and truly SURRENDERING to Jesus. Not just saying it--DOING it. What freedom there is in that!!

Mastering / List-making. It has reached new heights thanks to pregnancy brain + nesting!

Trying / To put a few routines into practice before baby boy is born. We'll see how it goes!

Playing / This calming, grounding playlist by Nancy Ray as much as possible! (you need a Spotify account to listen, but it's free!)

Finishing / My first bottle of water for the day. Determined to get in the full amount today!

Reading / All the Light We Cannot See and it is AHmazing. A great summer read!!

Remembering / That I am deeply and unequivocally loved, regardless of how much I accomplish.

Wearing / The best maternity jeans from my first-ever Stitchfix and whatever top happens to fit each's a toss-up nowadays with this growing belly!

Cooking / BBQ everything! Seriously loving BBQ lately...

Working / On new products for my Etsy shop! Super excited to get some designs out of my head and into reality!

Traveling / To Michigan tomorrow! Excited for a mini road trip and to see my rad TAP bosses :)

Wanting / A double chocolate chunk brownie from Starbucks, but what else is new? Or homemade chocolate chip cookies...that craving hit hard yesterday and has not gone away. Le sigh.

Monday Currently // 05

2015-04-27_0001 Hi friends! Happy Monday! After a nutso week last week, I am so excited to be back in my normal routine this week. And I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve today because we find out if we are having a baby boy or girl tomorrow!! Eeeek!! I cannot wait.

Here's a little currently list, since my brain is mush from being so excited about tomorrow!


Eating / Greek yogurt -- I heard it helps if you crave ice cream when pregnant! I don't think it's particularly working, as I could eat a Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae pretty much any time of day still, but at least I'm getting a little extra calcium for the baby love! Drinking / 1/2 caff coffee with a drop of peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is super great for an energy boost and feeling awake. It helps since I'm only drinking 1/2 the caffeine! Practicing / Making realistic to-do lists each day. My Simplified Planner from Emily Ley helps a lot with this. There are only 12 lines under the "to-do" section, and at first that totally stressed me out. Only 12 things?! But my daily lists are miles long! Now, I've switched to making a master list of everything that should get done in a week, and break it up into bite-size pieces, with no more than 12 things per day. Some days I only put 3 or 4 things on my list! It helps a lot with my mindset and I also think I'm getting more done! Mastering / Social media balance. I deactivated my Facebook account (again) today after learning a couple weeks ago that I thought I'd deactivated it, but since it was tied to my Spotify account that I use daily, it never actually deactivated. I got a new Spotify account set up that isn't linked to Facebook at all, and kissed the giant social media network goodbye this morning. I'm trying to scale back on Instagram too. I did great for the first half of this month, but then found myself constantly on it again the last week or so. I really need that margin in my life. It's hard, but good. Learning / A lot about essential oils. I've been using Young Living oils since December, but am finally starting to use them consistently and really research new and better uses for them. I'm loving it! Trying / to be patient waiting for our appointment tomorrow. I'm bouncing off the walls!! Playing / Chess with Matt every chance we get. Nerd alert! Turns out my cute husband was like, a chess master as a kid. He beats me every time, but it's still so fun + a brain workout! Finishing / Painting the nursery today + tomorrow. I am soooo thankful that huge project is nearly out of the way! Reading / In Defense of Food. It was an intense read (so many big words!) but soooo eye-opening. Remembering / That the only person I owe is God, and from constant communication with Him flows everything else--my ability to be a wife, mama, business owner, employee, sister, daughter, friend. Wearing / Matt's long sleeved shirts because Indiana is temperamental and it's been SO COLD lately. All my warm clothes are in the attic since I switched over to my spring + summer capsule a few weeks ago, consisting mostly of skirts, shorts and tank tops. C'mon, Indiana, warm up! Cooking / Everything we can on the grill. I LOVE the smell of charcoal in the evenings! Working / On some new product lines for my shop. I'm loving the graduation invites I just launched! Traveling / To Mexico--next weekend! I'm going to miss Matt like CRAZY since he isn't able to come, but I'm so excited to spend some quality time with my parents and brother and RELAX for a week by the beach. Wanting / A cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera. All day. Everyday.

Hope you have the best Monday, loves! XO!

Monday currently // 04



Eating / Reese eggs by the dozen. But hey--they're gluten free! ;) Drinking / Orange juice by the gallon. I canNOT get enough citrus/fruit this pregnancy. Gimme all the OJ and clementines and kiwi, please. Practicing / Some serious self-love. I've been beating myself up a bit for not working out enough / not eating right / not being productive enough, and I'm realizing that I'm just being a huge jerk to myself in a season where I just need some extra grace + margin as I try to grow a human on top of everything else. Mastering / How to get beachy, I-just-woke-up-like-this waves for my new super-short 'do. Learning / a lot about who God is this Lent. It's been soooo good. Trying / to finalize my spring capsule--oy. I ordered several things online only to discover they weren't quite the right size/fit :( Working on returns + exchanges and nailing down those final pieces. It feels close! Playing / Settlers of Catan! I played for the first time last night and woke up this morning immediately wanting to play again--haha! I think it might be my next Amazon purchase... Finishing / designing products to list before my business's second birthday next weekend. I want to have 100 products listed in the shop by Saturday--eeeks! Reading / The Fringe Hours -- SO AMAZING. And this devotional is incredible as well. Remembering / to take my freaking vitamin. IT'S SO HARD TO REMEMBER. Wearing / GAP non-maternity jeans + comfy sweatshirt. Battling a little bit of self-image today...I don't feel curvy + womanly + beautiful....I just feel a little doughy today :( Case of the Mondays...Also, speaking of wearing--there's a huge closet sale happening at the instagram account @shop_theclosets. Six of us came together to get rid of some of our gently worn pieces to make room for new, and there are some amazing things up for grabs! It kicks off Wednesday and will run through Saturday. Be sure you're following @shop_theclosets so you don't miss out! Working / on an infographic for a blog post for The Archibald Project. Be sure to check the blog later! Traveling / Two big trips are on tap for 2015--Mexico in May and Hawaii in December! And I'm hoping we can sneak in a tiny baby moon trip to Michigan or Nashville too... Wanting / a passion tea lemonade from Starbucks. Perhaps I can convince the husband to run an errand.... ;)

the monday currently / 03

2015-01-05_0001 Hello, hello, friends!! Welcome to a brand-new year! I took two and a half blissful weeks off and it was glorious. It's so funny to me to think about how worried I was that I wouldn't be able to really take that time off...that there would be emails, crises, the list goes on and on. But, of course, none of that happened because the rest of the world was also taking time off to be with their loved ones. Of course, I didn't do much of any of what I planned to do (organizing, cleaning, etc.) but I did do a lot of sleeping in, reading, eating, baking and laughing with friends. I'm easing back into the swing of things today and thought I'd kick off this new year of blogging with a little currently post!



Eating / whole30 but I would probably run to Starbucks in a swimsuit on this -6 degree day, I want a latte so bad. Day 1 of whole30 is always SO HARD. Drinking / tons of water today (trying at least!) our house is SO dry and I'm really feeling it lately. Practicing / single-tasking. yep, the exact opposite of multi-tasking. doing ONE thing and one thing only at a time. Mastering / I don't really think I'm mastering much these days, except the art of starting over, which is maybe the best thing to master after all. Learning / all about electrical as I listen to my dad and one of his contractors work on our laundry room. that pops of mine is one SMART dude. Trying / to finalize my 2015 business budget. This is a super tough area for me and one that requires tons of patience, grace and prayer. Playing / triviacrack...I am ashamed to say! Finishing / the last of my post-Christmas cleaning and putting away. It's so nice to start fresh, isn't it? Reading / The Nesting Place. Oh my gosh, it's changing my life. Remembering / progress over perfection. progress over perfection. progress over perfection. Wearing / fleece lined leggings + smart wools forever and ever amen. Working / on a fun collaboration with Blessed Is She. Can't wait to show you! Traveling / nowhere in the plans, yet. Matt and I are doing our 2015 dream sesh at our Thursday night date night so, stay tuned :) Wanting / that aforementioned latte. And also, a heated blanket. Because #winter.

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the monday currently // 02

Happy Monday, friends!! I'm back in blog land after a two week hiatus. Hoping I now have my act together again and am not so all over the place...we will see. I feel a little scattered these days. In an effort to jumpstart this little space again, here's one of my favorite series--The Monday Currently! +++

Eating / super clean again. I'm starting a Whole30-esque plan again today. I'm going on a weeklong trip next week so I'm not going to freak out about the strict rules, but I AM avoiding wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, alcohol and all the nasty preservatives and stuff as much as possible. I am learning that my food choices not only affect how I physically feel, but they have a HUGE effect on my stress levels and anxiety. Ain't nobody got time for that! Today's delish lunch is tuna salad in a hollowed out cucumber guys, this is THE BEST LUNCH. crunchy, filling, fresh, and using up all those garden cucumbers. I've been eating it for weeks! Drinking / La Croix errryday. I was so skeptical of this stuff and hated it at first, but I'm hooked now! Practicing / taking the weekends off. Hard, but so good. Mastering / push-ups. Matt and I are doing a daily pushup challenge as he trains for the next police process. We add one push up every day. Today we do 17! I'm keeping up and surprising myself. Learning / how to hand letter. It's been such a fun little side experiment and one that I'm really falling in love with. Trying / to prioritize working out. I WILL go to class today at 4:30...I will...yep. Playing / not nearly enough, and that needs to change. Finishing / a super secret project that Chelsea and I are launching in two weeks. I can hardly stand the wait. Reading / Longbourne. I am obsessed. Also The Pumpkin Plan for business. The Giver is up next. Remembering / that life is way too short to not pursue what you love most. Wearing / my summer capsule outfits for one more week until switching to my fall capsule. so pumped! Cooking / peach anything. I'm on a peach craze. Working / like a crazy person. period. dot. Traveling / to Glacier National Park this week with my parents! beyond excited for a week of unplugging + regrouping in my fave of God's creation--the mountains. Wanting / this house-buying process to be DONE so we can get this moving in + decorating show on the road. le sigh.