affirmations for kids

I've been diving deep into the idea of affirmations, or positive speech. I've been working on a list of morning affirmations for myself, and putting aside my feelings of being foolish or silly for saying them out loud every day. The reality is that our mindset about our circumstances absolutely affects those circumstances, at least I wholeheartedly believe so. I'm no genie and can't just conjure things out of thin air, but I know that my circumstances seem to shift when I change my attitude about them. I've really been working on speaking truth and life over myself, and it occurred to me that I'd really like to do the same for my kids.

Before bed one night, I penned a list of affirmations I wanted to start speaking over my children daily. Traits I hope they develop, things I believe about them and want them to internalize and believe about themselves.

I printed them out, framed them, and hung them in my children's room where I see them everyday. Our kids need to hear things besides "you're so cute" or "you're so pretty" or "good job!" They need us to give them the words to believe about themselves. They are strong. They are brave. They are kind. They are enough.

I made several different versions and am including the links here as a free download in case you, too, would like a tangible, beautiful reminder to speak words of life + truth over your children. Click each image to download that version. Images are 8x10 and can be printed anywhere that prints photos. Personal use only, please!

We as parents, as mamas, have such a beautiful and weighty job when it comes to raising our kids. Let's be intentional, yeah? Let's speak the things over our kids we want them to believe, amen? I believe we have the power, through our motherhood, to change the world. Let's get to work.