A corner for baby

Now that Zelie and Xavier are officially sharing a room (more on that later), I figured I'd go ahead and blog the little corner we created for her in our master bedroom (LOL). Our house is only two bedrooms, so we knew Z would be bunking in with us for awhile until we could move the kids in together. We opted to just go ahead and put her crib in our room from the get-go and not mess with a bassinet and such. Our room is pretty good size and there was plenty of space for her crib and a small dresser that held all of her clothes, swaddles, blankets, etc., with a changing pad on top. I know this isn't the case for everyone, but it worked out really well for us.

It was really fun to put together this sweet little corner in the weeks leading up to Zelie's birth, and I love that she had a little space all her own for her first few months of life!

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