Hello, hello! Apparently I’m blogging roughly once a month right now?! Hoping to get in a better swing of things, but no promises.

I do want to chronicle more of our renovation process, because I know it’s something I’ll want to look back on when it’s all said and done. As we get closer to drywall (please, God?!) I’ve started thinking a lot about the design details, things like paint, flooring, trim, and the like, since those things will be happening shortly after drywall goes up!

My style has definitely evolved over the last several years, and it’s been so fun to pour over tons of visual inspiration and photos of different aesthetics to figure out what direction I want to go in for this house.

Our house was built in 1902, and although it didn’t have much original character, we are weaving in lots of elements that will make it fit with the folk victorian style. Some exterior trim details will put it in this camp, and I’m excited to bring in some victorian elements inside as well (with an updated, modern twist!)

So, “modern victorian is the style I’ve settled on, although it will be much more toned-down than typical victorian style. Maybe “minimalist modern victorian” is a more appropriate label? Or “modern victorian farmhouse”? I don’t know. Labels are kind of lame anyway, because I hate pigeonholing myself into one particular style.

That being said, I’m drawing heavily on victorian styles when planning the design of this house. Here’s my working vision board with my most favorite inspiration images:


While the bulk of the house will be light + bright as far as paint, I’m excited to bring in some darker, moody colors as accents both on the walls and through art and furniture. I’m also drawing heavily on victorian elements such as floral wallpaper, ornate ceiling roses (I love these paired with more modern fixtures!), chair/picture rail and paneling on walls, botanical prints and elements, and I’m swooning for those dark painted stairs. It’s different than anything I’ve done before but I am absolutely loving the direction the design is heading and can’t wait to see it all come to life!

Any design trends you’re loving? Any other old home enthusiasts out there!? I’m so excited to honor this home’s history and roots while also making it practical and liveable for our family.

+ + +

P.S. Emily Henderson recently said “modern victorian” is the up-and-coming trend so basically I’m feeling very hip right now, ha!