gift guide for your wheels-obsessed, energetic, curious and helpful toddler

Xavier turns TWO in just over a week, which feels impossible. Wasn't he just my teeny, squishy newborn!? Time will forever be a mystery to me. One thing I DO love about him getting older is how his personality continues to develop and we see more of his likes and dislikes every day. This year it's been really fun to pick out birthday gifts for him, feeling like we know him as his own individual person and what things he'll get excited about. Spoiler alert: basically anything with wheels. I put together a fun little gift guide for anyone else that might have a wheels-obsessed, energetic, curious and helpful little guy (or gal!) in their life. I can't wait for Xavier to open the gifts I picked out and see his eyes light up. Parenthood is so. much. fun!


Wooden triangle car. This village set is also adorable.

Child-sized corn broom. You're like, a broom!? But this kid loves sweeping. I've tried to trick him with hand brooms so he can "help" me sweep, but he ALWAYS wants the real-live big broom. I'm hoping this one fits the bill!

Magnetic fishing set. (Note: we have several Soopsori brand wooden toys, and they hold up well to the rough-and-tumble toddler play!)

Durable recycling truck, with slots to put things in and a back gate that actually opens!

Rainstick, for making fun sounds and experimenting with music.

A sweet little set of construction vehicles, with parts and pieces that really move! Xavier is going to love the excavator.

Retro-looking balance bike, as a stepping stone to a dirtbike (just kidding, Matt.) We decided to save this for Christmas (does it get more classic than a bike by the tree with a big red bow on top?) and I can't wait for him to get it!

Schleich wild animal set - perfect for practicing those animal sounds he loves.

A cozy rocking hammock for him to snuggle up and read books.

Sweet little desk where he can get creative any time he wants.

Adorable leather playmat for driving his cars and trucks.

Classic red wheelbarrow perfect for little hands.

I can't wait for Xavier to open the gifts I picked out and see his eyes light up. Parenthood is so. much. fun!