I just love the first day of the month! I switch out all my pages and lists - new workout calendar (that, let's be honest, rarely gets done - eek!), a new sales goal sheet for my Etsy shop, a new post schedule for this here blog and a new Powersheets page with my monthly goals! It's just the best feeling to start fresh.

I shared my yearly goals in this post, but will be sharing how those play out in monthly, weekly and daily goals throughout the year as well. This is the reason I LOVE Powersheets. They allow you to make lofty year-long goals (I like to think of them as "intentions") and then break those down into actionable, bite-size steps. It's a process that really works for me!


  • Celebrate Matt well (his birthday is this month!)
  • Finish house purge + prep to move (more on that later - we might be renovating and temporarily moving out for 8 weeks!)
  • Digital purge + organize
  • Maintenance day (you can read all about this system right here.)
  • Pray one novena
  • Go to confession
  • Get to Adoration at least once
  • LOTS of family time before Matt leaves (he goes to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy on March 6th!)
  • Eat majority paleo


  • Read one book
  • Do a new activity or go for a new outing with Xavier
  • Freeze a meal
  • Make time for selfcare / a hobby
  • Blog three times
  • Social media detox


  • Drink 100 oz of water
  • Give thanks
  • Exercise!
  • Take vitamins
  • Love on Matt
  • Love on Xav

I'm excited for a month of family time, self-care, and really intentional time with Xavier. What's on your list this month? I'd love to hear!