Nursery (corner) inspiration

Now that we know we're having a sweet baby GIRL this summer, I've shifted my plans for our nursery. Our house has two bedrooms, so we planned on the kids both sharing the room Xavier is in. It's really spacious, so there's plenty of room for two cribs and all the additions. But then we found out we're having a girl, and suddenly my plans changed. Although Xavier's room isn't too boy-ish, I would definitely want to change things up to make it more gender neutral if it were to be a shared space. But I love his room as-is, so I don't really want to swap out any of the decor.

Enter: baby girl's nursery corner. Since she will be sleeping in our room for the first 4-6 months anyway, and we have an empty corner that will perfectly fit a crib, we decided to forego a bassinet entirely and just put her crib right in our room. She'll sleep there, nap there, and we'll add a little dresser at the end to store her clothes and function as a changing table.

Of course this might all go out the window, because we're potentially renovating this spring/early summer and might not even be living in our house for a few months. I can dream, right?

My plan for her little corner is to keep it really minimal, and include pieces that will grow with her, so they can easily be incorporated into more grown-up spaces throughout the years. I can picture the art hanging above her bed as a teenager, and the throw blanket being something she takes with her to her college dorm. I'm focusing on blush + soft greens, and of course lots of neutrals.


I love that changing basket from Design Dua, and also this sheepskin + leather mat changing station idea I saw on instagram. We're snagging another IKEA crib, as the one we have for Xavier has held up great and we love the simplicity of it.

Did your kids share rooms as babies, or ever? Anyone else sharing their master bedroom with a babe? It really is a funny concept that we assume babies need their own entire room...such a small person to have so much space! We'll see how this setup works out...

SOURCES: crib // art print // basket // side table // throw blanket // pillow //stuffed bunny // dresser // rug // changing basket // lamp