tiny bathroom reno inspiration

It all started with a towel ring. The towel ring next to the sink in our one and only bathroom came out of the wall two days ago. Last night at around 10pm, I realized that there seemed to be an edge to the utterly terrible, sandpaper-like texture that is all over our bathroom walls, almost like it was wallpaper. So I started peeling and picking at it. And it kept coming off. So I kept going. And now we find ourselves accidentally in the midst of a tiny bathroom renovation. Sorry, Matt.

If you follow me on instagram and watch my obnoxious instagram stories, you know all about the drama that unfolded yesterday as I, completely on a whim, decided to rip off all of the texture and paneling and trim in our bathroom. Zero plan for how to put it back together. Zero dollars in the budget for such things. Oh and also, we're having 50 people to our house next weekend for Xavier's birthday party.

At first I was like, we can do it! We can renovate before next Sunday! And then I was all GIRL, reality check. That is not going to happen. So instead I made a cute sign, stuck it in a cute frame, hung it right inside the door and called it good. The party guests are our people, our tribe, people who love us. They'll understand. And if they don't understand, well, there will be beer. And cake.

The sign is available as a free download right here, in case you, too, are mid-renovation and want a cute way of just owning it.

And for fun, here's a quick little inspiration board I made for this little renovation. We definitely don't want to spend much money on this project, because this bathroom is going to get totally re-worked someday when we add onto our house and finish out the upstairs. But, there's no timeline for that yet and the fact remains that this is our only bath so it needs to be useable + presentable. I'm super excited to try out this removable wallpaper, and finally get a vanity that offers tons more storage than our current one. Our bathroom is TINY and feels super cramped, so I think lightening it up will help a ton!

Okay, do tell! Any other impulsive DIY-ers out there?! Any stories of home projects gone wrong? I'd love to hear!