25 things I don't do

There's this illusion that we women do everything, right? We see the filtered, highlight reel of instagram and our brains fill in the blanks. We assume that the women we follow who share the BEST parts of their days + lives have days + lives full of nothing but goodness. They're always well-dressed and put together. They're always doing crafts with their kids and cooking nutritious meals and loving on their husbands. But sisters, it's just not true. I have found so much freedom in reading lists of things women don't do (like this one and this one and this one) and I felt compelled to throw my own hat in the mix. There's a lot I DO do - I craft and I crochet and I garden and I cook - but there's a ton I DON'T do. And, I'm proud of that fact! So here, in no particular order, are 25 things I do not do. If you're a Powersheets user, this is like a very general "things I say no to" list. It's super helpful to refer back to when I feel like my plate is too full. Happy Friday!

  1. I don't buy creative gifts. I used to be a big gift-giver; it was totally my love language. Somewhere along the line, that changed. I no longer enjoy shopping and searching for the perfect gift. Now, when a gift is needed, I pick something off the person's registry or simply ask for specific ideas and get them something from their list.
  2. I don't say yes to everything I'm invited to. Even if there's nothing else on our calendar for the given day, I've learned that having white space in our life is so, so important. This applies to birthday parties, showers, home parties and even those Facebook parties like Usborne Books and such.
  3. I don't wash my hair often. I actually don't even shower every day! Most days, I simply don't need to. I don't sweat, my daily Pilates workouts are low-impact so I don't feel a need to rinse off afterwards, and I only wash my hair once a week. I shower every 2ish days, unless Xavier and I get exceptionally messy, and that's perfect for me.
  4. I don't dress Xavier to the nines. Most days he wears a simple solid onesie and soft pants. He has pretty much never worn shoes until this past week, and that's only because he likes to walk sometimes now and can't be barefoot in the grocery store, haha. Snaps drive me CRAZY and I just don't have energy to fight to get him dressed. Lately he hates having his diaper changed and me dressing him, so anything to make this process easier saves me so much time.
  5. I don't dye my hair or paint my nails. This always takes longer than I anticipate, and I really don't mind painting my nails at home.
  6. I don't wash dishes as I use them. If you show up at my house at 6pm, chances are there is a sink piled high with dirty dishes. I also don't clean Xavier's high chair after every meal. If there's dairy or meat I'll get rid of that, but crumbs and other goop just hangs out until the end of the day when he's in bed. I DO try to get everything washed up and tidied before bed so I can start the next day fresh, but I felt like I was wasting so much time constantly cleaning + picking up when it's just going to get dirty all over again.
  7. I don't spend hours at the gym. Thanks to The Balanced Life Sisterhood, my daily workouts are short + efficient. Usually 10-15 minutes, with an occasional longer workout once or twice a week.
  8. I don't watch the news. Maybe it makes me a bad citizen, but I haven't found a way to stay informed without becoming consumed. I am an anxious person, it is what it is, and I simply can't handle the influx of news in our world. Matt (or Instagram) lets me know when something truly major happens.
  9. I don't take care of the dog. Matt does. He walks him the morning, makes sure he always has food and water, gives him all his medicine, schedules vet appointments, lets me know when we need more food. I let him out during the day but Matt is in charge of his care.
  10. I don't respond to texts immediately. If it's not urgent or doesn't require a response, sometimes I don't respond at all.
  11. I don't email, check Etsy or Facebook from my phone. I HATE typing on my phone, and usually can't answer questions or solve problems without being at my computer anyway.
  12. I don't play any phone or computer games. No TriviaCrack, Words With Friends, Tetris or whatever the kids are doing these days.
  13. I don't have any notifications on my phone turned on. My phone is always on silent with vibration turned off. It drives people who call me crazy because I never answer, but the always-buzzing and dinging phone is a distraction I cannot handle. And I do not get a single notification on my phone. I have to specifically go into apps to see any notifications, which keeps me from constantly reaching for my phone.
  14. I don't follow pop culture. I can't name the Kardashians and have no idea what's going on with the Bachelor. I watch Master Chef and Shark Tank and that's about it.
  15. I don't wash my clothes after every wear. Xavier's, either. 
  16. I don't buy clothes that aren't easily washable. No time for dry cleaning or hand washing.
  17. I don't go to the mall. I rarely shop at stores, except the thrift store, which is basically my self-care (haha.) For the most part, I buy everything online.
  18. I don't do Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. Okay, I DO have a Facebook account, but only have 40 friends - family only. I deleted my Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts and have never regretted it.
  19. I don't pick up constantly. Like the dishes + high chair, I let my house get destroyed, and pick up once at the end of the day, after Xavier has gone to bed. 
  20. I don't scrub my house. I keep clutter picked up daily, but I actually clean (dust, windex, mop floors, etc.) only once a month.
  21. I don't do everything around the house. Matt does a lot of it. We divvied up all the stuff that needs to be done on a regular basis, which has been a huge help. Matt is often the one who gets laundry through the washer and dryer (I usually fold it). Matt waters all the flowers and garden and takes care of everything outside. He helps out with dishes and meal prep and cooking and well, basically everything. We truly are a team when it comes to running our house!
  22. I don't cook fancy meals. We eat the same handful of things in a pretty regular rotation. I don't buy fancy ingredients for one-off recipes. If I read a recipe and it has too many steps or uses a tool or thing I've never heard of, I toss it out.
  23. I don't shop at Target. I always spend way more time and money than I plan, and it's a huge stumbling block in my journey to contentment. I just recently swore it off.
  24. I don't wear fancy outfits. I pretty much have one outfit formula - skinny jeans or leggings, a loose-ish top or tank, flowy/oversize layer (cardigan, etc.) and a chunky necklace. The end.
  25. I don't do Facebook garage sales or any of that stuff. I will list nicer items on my yardsale Instagram account for one week, and if it hasn't sold after a week, I donate it. I'll do the same with vintage items on eBay (one week limit) and furniture on Craigslist. Experience has taught me that those Facebook sale groups require SO much time - people always want a zillion extra pieces of information - and earn so little money that it's just not worth it.

So there you have it! Do you have a list of things you don't do? I encourage you to write one, if you never have. You will feel so much freedom having a blueprint, and when things come up you can easily say "no." Margin is worth fighting for, friend, for you and for your family, too. XO!