52 week project

I'm still waiting on the photobook of Xavier's weekly photo project to come in, but in the meantime, I wanted to share all 52 photos!

Xavier was born on a Friday, so every Friday I took a photo of him on my DSLR camera. I wanted them to be "big camera" photos to set them apart from the millions of cell phone pictures I have. With the exception of three cell phone pictures, I did it!

I also knew I wanted the photobook to be square format, so I cropped each photo to square along the way. I love black and white images and their timelessness, so I made them all black and white, too. I also feel like you can more clearly see the changes week to week without distracting colors.


I made a folder on my desktop called "xavier 52 week project." Each Friday I would usually snap the photo during morning playtime, then download and edit it when Xav went down for his first nap. It took ten minutes to download, edit and save that week's photo. Quick and easy!

I named each photo according to the corresponding week. So week one's photo was titled "1/52.jpeg" and so on all the way to "52/52.jpeg." This kept them organized in the folder from start to finish, and also made photobook creation a breeze because when I uploaded them to the photobook creator, they uploaded in order and I could just autofill the book.

Here's a screenshot of the labeling:


I cannot wait to get the photobook in my hands and be able to flip through this record of Xavier's first year. It is INCREDIBLE how much babies change during their first year of life! I also love this project because although I swore I'd remember every little detail (ha) I've already forgotten some things, like how he was obsessed with Matt's boy scout patches and his enthusiasm about his jumperoo. So fun to see some of his favorite things represented in this series!

Do you scrapbook or archive your kids' photos somehow? I think going forward, I'm going to do one yearly photobook for each child, and one yearly photobook for our family. Seems easy to keep up with and I just love having books to flip through and reminisce on!

PS: my scrapbook for Xavier.