minimalist fashion: minimal storage

I'm back for another installment in the minimal fashion series! Today I'm sharing exactly how I store my entire wardrobe. Spoiler alert: none of my clothes are stored in a closet! We have a very tiny closet in our bedroom, which my husband uses for his clothes. My clothes are stored in one IKEA dresser and on one IKEA garment rack, as well as in one drawer under our bed. That's it!

Here's how I organize my dresser.

In the very top drawer is lingerie and thick winter shocks. #notputtingthatontheinternet

In the second drawer are my undies, socks, bras and loungewear/sleepwear. I fold my lounge stuff using the KonMari method to fit everything and keep everything in view. I also use IKEA cloth drawer boxes for easy organizing and separating items.

In the third drawer is all of my workout clothes, plus swimsuits.

In the fourth drawer is my jeans, all other pants, shorts and skirts. All of my jeans and pants are currently in the wash, so there are none in the drawer to show you - oops!

In the bottom drawer is my tshirts and college hoodies.

I hang everything else on this garment rack. All my tops, dresses, rompers and jackets. The only thing not hung here are my outerwear coats, which are kept in the laundry room, close to the door we go in and out of, for practicality's sake. The wooden hangers helps the garment rack feel cohesive and pretty, since it's out in full view.

I store all my maternity clothes in one of the two drawers built into our bed. My hats and purses hang on a rack I thrifted last week, and my shoes sit on two super cheap shelves we hung in the closet to use up some of the ample vertical space.

That's it! No digging to the back of the closet to find things or having to go up to the attic each season for bins. Everything is organized, easily accessible and, bonus!, my clothes double as decor!

How do you store your clothes? Any tried-and-true tips? I'd love to hear! xoxo!

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