kid toy crush

Xavier's birthday is around the corner (2.5 months away, but yeah, I'm already planning - haha!) and I've been earmarking some toys I think he might like and wanted to share! So far, we've been pretty minimal in the toy department, and we plan to stay that way. His favorite toys over the past nine months have definitely been non-toys: cardboard boxes, the colander, whisks, wooden spoons, Matt's old boy scout patches, parchment paper to crinkle. But as he gets more and more curious and mobile, I'm noticing what things really intrigue him. He LOVES to spin things, like wheels on his toy cars, and also loves instruments or anything that makes noise. He loves to watch how things work, so interactive toys are going to be his favorites, I think. Here's a round-up of some of the cutest toys I've found that will hopefully inspire imaginative play in your little ones!

1. Wooden abacus // 2. Wooden ambulance // 3. Robot // 4. Clackety clack instrument // 5. Spanish wooden blocks // 5. Shape sorter // 6. Wooden puzzle // 7. Miniature tamborine // 8. Rainbow stacker // 9. Activity cube // 10. Push/pull walker wagon

I also love this little piano and this little guitar - Xavier LOVES our guitar but we don't want him to break the strings, so a guitar of his very own would be so sweet! Some of my favorite brands for kid toys are Melissa + Doug, Hape Toys, Grimm's Spiel & Holz, Imagination Generation and Plan Toys. You can find all of them on Amazon! Etsy also has really neat baby + kid toys, often handmade by work-from-home mamas, which I love to support. I found these beautiful maracas, stacking rings, and set of super cute blocks.

Do you have any favorite kid toys? What did your babes love to play with from 9-12 months old? I'm all ears! XOXO!