keinsley's go to utah!

Matt's brother Andrew and his wife Jennilyn and their 10-month old son (our first nephew and godson!) live in Ogden, Utah, where Andrew is a professor of economics at Weber State University, and this past weekend we went out to visit them for the first time! They just bought this adorable 1940s fixer-upper so we did lots of work on the house, waited out a crazy windstorm that knocked out power for 24+ hours, did some hiking and exploring (Ogden is beautiful!) and even went up to Idaho for a few hours to visit my aunt and uncle! It was such a fun whirlwind of a trip and we were able to cross of a state I'd never been to before! Can't wait to go back - maybe minus the windstorm ;)

Xavier did awesome on the flight! He's now taken three round trips in seven months - for a total of ten flights! He's a travel pro.

Ogden has mountains all around it, making it absolutely beautiful. The view out of Andrew and Jennilyn's front door - at both their new house and their rental - is awesome!

It was awesome to drive up to Idaho for a few hours and grab lunch with my aunt and see their new house! All of my dad's siblings used to live in Arizona and California but now they're kind of all scattered, so it's nice to connect with them when we can. And my aunt and uncle's place is gorgeous. I just can't get over the mountain views! Xavier got to meet a donkey and horse for the first time, too! I was too scared to touch them...little know fact: horses freak me out!

We also went to Antelope Island for a bit to see the Great Salt Lake! Too be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but it was SO COOL! First of all, it is huge. Second of all, mountains everywhere! Third of all, it has these crazy big salt flats that are wild! And finally, buffalo! For as much as I dislike/am afraid of horses, I love buffalo. There's random fact #2 for the day.

On our last morning, we went for a little hike before heading to the airport. It was beautiful, with a literal babbling brook almost the whole way up! It was also our first time carrying Xavier in a back carry using our Liliebaby carrier and it's safe to say we will be using the HECK out of this thing this summer!

Until next time, Utah!