2017 planner round-up

Tis the season for a new planner, amen? If you aren't a nerd like me, who bought her planner months ago, you might be in the market for a 2017 agenda. Although I do a sort of hybrid system (I use iCal and Google Cal in addition to a hard copy calendar), I still love my paper calendars and will likely always have one.

For the past two years, I've used the Emily Ley Simplified Planner, and loved it. This year I decided to switch things up, and go with the more streamlined Dapper Desk planner, also by Emily Ley. There were some features of the SP that I didn't use (like the quotes - I never read them, and the dinner section) and I wanted a more minimal design. I do miss the monthly calendar, but overall I think I love it.

I've also used the Day Designer in the past, and really liked it, too. I especially liked that it had an area for "top three" each day, which helped me prioritize what most needed to get done.

Other than those three, I haven't personally used the others I've linked below, but have heard great things (especially about the Get To Work Book) and/or just though they were really beautiful - an important consideration ;) Happy planning!