Halloween 2016

Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. My mom always made our costumes growing up, and we were never allowed to be anything scary or evil (i.e. demons, grim reaper, devil, etc.) so all my memories are just of fun and funny costumes and trick or treating with my brothers. We'd come home, sort our candy by type, then get down to some epic trading. Future entrepreneurs :) Halloween will always signify the magic, whimsy and wonder of childhood and playing pretend, and I'm so glad we get to make some of those same sweet memories with our own kiddos, starting with Xavier's very first time trick-or-treating! I made his pirate costume from stuff he had and a few DIY pieces (see details at the end of this post) and we had so much fun doing a trunk-or-treat on Friday night at a friend's church, as well as trick-or-treating on Monday.

Our sweet friends The Fossier's came over, with their son - world's cutest chicken - and we pulled the boys around our darling little neighborhood in their wagons. The weather was gorgeous, we met so many neighbors, and it was a night I never want to forget!

Although they're a special kind of exhausting, I love holidays even more now that we have a little one to share them with. So special!

I hope you all had a spook-tacular Halloween!

Xavier's costume: onesie, pants and shoes are his regular clothes. I made the vest out of a circular scarf I got at Hobby Lobby, by cutting it so it was one long piece, then following the scarf vest tutorial and cutting the edge to be jaggedy. The sash is a thriftstore necktie. I free-handed the hat after looking at some images on Google. It's made out of two pieces of stiff black felt that I hot-glued at the edges, with a wooden pirate flag from Hobby Lobby hot-glued to the front, and lines drawn with paint pen. I drew the beard on with marker :) Easy peasy and under 10 bucks for the whole costume!