simplified gift guide: for pets

If you're a dog or cat lover, your pet is probably part of the family. So, I rounded up a few gift ideas for your furry friends! Scout usually gets a new toy and a special treat at Christmas, so I shared some of my favorite ideas below! Most of these have dogs in mind, but many of the companies listed also cater to the feline friends as well :)

1. A cozy bed, neutral enough to keep in the living room.

2. Flying frisbee, for hours of backyard fun. Bonus: this company guarantees their products, so if your dog ever bites through the material, you can send back the ruined pieces and they replace it for free! It's taken nearly five years and two dogs to tear ours, and I'm sending it back next week for a new one. My last dog would rip a regular frisbee to shreds in about twenty minutes, so these frisbees are the real deal.

3. Fancy shampoo, for keeping Fido's coat nice and shiny.

4. Sleek food scoop, so you can finally throw out that battered old plastic cup. Okay, so this is a really a gift for you. Don't tell anyone.

5. Customizable pet sweatshirt. There are some hilarious ones already on the site, but you can also add anything you want to the back of this snuggly shirt!

6. Gorgeous ceramic food bowl - dishwasher safe! Okay, okay, so this is also sort of a gift for you. Who's counting?!

7. Gourmet treats made of premium ingredients.

8. A new leather leash, built to last for your pet's whole life.