Neutral fall decor

I LOVE fall. I love everything about it. The crisp air, the festivals and events, the sweaters and boots, the pumpkins, the holidays. The coziness. I just love it so much. And, I'm a big holiday person in general. I like to make holidays feel special, and part of that means decorating our house.

But I knew that this year would be a little different, because of the massive shift in our home, lifestyle and hearts over the past year. The kitschy Hobby Lobby decor - although so cute - just doesn't really fit anymore. I made it my mission to make our home festive, while staying minimal, and also not spending very much money. And, I'm happy to say, I think I succeeded!

This year, I focused more on "harvest" than "Halloween." I want these decorations to last until Thanksgiving, and I don't want to have to do a massive swap to put up Christmas stuff - just more subtle switching out some pieces. Our home is very, very, very neutral, so the decorations needed to work with that too. I focused on two things: natural elements, and lots of texture.

White pumpkins, dried wheat, pinecones, acorns and nuts foraged from my in-law's house, wood slices, birch logs, and textural elements like baskets and woven placements are what I used to make our house feel cozy, autumnal and festive, while keeping with our minimal, neutral vibe. Lots of the pieces were thrifted, and shifted from our parts of our home. I tried to make a few "autumn vignettes" versus allover decor. I really, really love it!


If you're bringing the outdoors in, whether it's through sticks or foraged elements like acorns, it's important to do a couple steps to make sure you aren't also bringing in bugs and pests. For the sticks and wood slices, I brushed them all over with a stiff bristle brush, then sprayed them with a clear coat acrylic to seal them. For the acorns and other nuts, I washed them in hot water in my kitchen sink, dried them and roasted them in the oven for two hours, then also sprayed them with a clear coat. There are tons of tutorials online for how to do this - just google "drying acorns for crafts." That way all the bugs and creepy crawlies get taken care of, and you don't even up with a massive problem on your hands!

Do you decorate for fall? Any other minimalist holiday-lovers out there? I'd love to hear how you celebrate while keeping things minimal! XO!