simplified gift guide: for kids

Hi friends! It's been so fun doing these gift guides, and I hope you're enjoying them! Today I'm back with another installment: gift guide for kids. Specifically, my curious, rambunctious, sweet little boy. Xavier will be 15 months by Christmas, so these toys have that age in mind. Also, I should mention that I do think experiences always trump things, but at this age it's hard to tell what experiences kids would enjoy or appreciate. So we're going with a "less is more" approach to gift-giving, and gifting Xavier a few thoughtful, intentional, well-made toys we think he'll love for years to come. Here are some of my favorite picks. Enjoy!

1. Fun wooden fishing set.

2. A warm hat, with ears, because every little one should wear clothing with ears for as long as possible, amen?

3. An ethically made tshirt, with a slogan to take to heart.

4. This ramp race, which would entertain any wheels-loving kiddo for hours. Okay, at least ten minutes.

5. A play kitchen I wouldn't mind keeping out. A wooden play food set and a set of dishes would make perfect coordinating gifts! (IKEA also has a dreamy play kitchen, and there are tons of ideas for how to hack it online.)

6. These adorable dog puppets made out of recycled wool are too cute. They don't have delivery outside of the UK listed, but it says you can email them for rates.

7. An all-in-one music set, because anything noisy is automatically a winner, amiright?!

8. Of course, beautiful board books. I love the All Aboard! Books by Haily Myers, the alphabet books by Greg Paprocki and the bilingual books by Patty Rodriguez!

9. Periodic table block set, because it's so nerdy it's awesome. These blocks are made in the USA, and they have several other versions, including a Spanish set and a French set!

10. A cuddly friend, made responsibly in India.