minimalist fashion: shopping resource list

If you've made it this far in the minimalist fashion series, I'm so grateful! I hope you've at least been spurred to give your clothing a second thought. By now, I've gone over my reasons for going minimal + ethical, what's actually in my wardrobe, staying minimal + ethical for kids' clothes and lots more. But I think today's post is what most people have been waiting for - where do you actually shop for responsibly made clothing?

The thing I hear most is the lack of ethical options when it comes to buying clothing. I think the general idea is that every ethical clothing company is super expensive, or only sells super out-there clothes that most mainstream consumers don't wear. But I've found this to be so far from true. There are a ton of ethical clothing brands that sell clothes I would LOVE to wear - and keep in my mind that my style is very basic, very neutral, very mom-friendly. I've listed all the brands I've found below - some of them ARE sort of "out there", but most of them carry clothes I would realistically wear. Some of these brands have their sourcing statements listed on their websites; others I emailed or contacted directly to ask about their manufacturing. I feel good listing all of them here. I'm sure many of them are not new to you, but maybe some of them will be and you'll find a shop you love that you'd never heard of before!

I hope this is helpful, and if there are other shops I'm missing, please let me know in the comments! xo!