nursery tour

I truly did not think I was going to post a nursery tour, but sometimes the stars align and you feel up to photographing and you get it done! That happened for me last week, so I'm super excited to show a peek at our little nursery today! You can find all the sources at the bottom of this post. You might recall from my inspiration posts (here and here) that I wanted to stay away from any sort of "baby" theme for the nursery, since it's right off our living room and you see straight into it from the front door and our whole front room. I wanted something that would grow with this baby and not need redecorated in three years. I also wanted it to mesh with the overall vibe of our home, which as of late is trending towards mid-century / modern / neutral with some boho and vintage elements mixed in. I had a whole idea in mind for a little boy's nursery, but completely changed my mind once I started actually pulling things together. Instead of the "classic Americana" theme I originally had in mind, I went for an adventure/camping/outdoorsy/explorer/travel sort of theme. Most everything was shopped from our home, meaning I just moved and reused things we already owned. Like the backpack - I originally hung it there as a placeholder because I was thinking about getting a vintage Boy Scout backpack from Etsy and wanted to visualize how it would look, but ended up loving how the one I already had looked and left it! It's a backpack I actually use for trips that had been stored in the attic, but I'm a firm believer things can be functional AND decorative! Case in point :) A lot of the vintage pieces are things I've collected over the years. I have to admit, I am definitely a collector. I'm doing WAY better, but I am known to nab something up at a thrift store or antique shop and then store it if I think I'll be able to use it in our home someday. Much of the decor in here - like the fossils, vintage books, fur pelts, etc. - are such things, things I saw and thought were so cool and unique, and finally found a home for in this room.


I also wanted to mix in really personal touches and things that had meaning, and I'm so happy with how it all turned out. Like the antler from a deer that Matt's cousin shot or the fossils from a family farm I camped at when I was younger. The photos above the backpack are original photos my dad took on hiking trips during his time in the Boy Scouts. The first aid and water rescue books are a nod to Matt's job as an EMT. I especially love the framed photos on the gallery wall - a photo of Matt with his brother and their grandfather who is no longer with us, a photo of my grandfather as a pilot in the Air Force, and a photo of my great-great-great somethings (uncles? cousins?) who worked on the railroad in West Virgina. I see a lot of gallery walls featuring women in little girls' nurseries, but I want our boy to know that he comes from a long line of great, courageous and adventurous men - on both sides! Almost all the books are ones from my and Matt's childhood, too, which is SO cool. Thanks, mom, for supporting my hoarding Rubbermaid containers of books as early as the 4th grade. I just knew I'd want them "someday!" It appears as though "someday" has arrived :)

For everything else, we tried to purchase as inexpensively as possible. We already had the dresser, got the armoire for cheap on Craigslist, found the rocker at a church rummage sale and bought the most inexpensive crib at IKEA. I also made use of some gift cards (to Amazon and Land of Nod, mostly) to splurge on some things, which helped. I don't have a total number for our nursery budget, but I really don't think we've spent more than $300 on everything. Not bad, in my opinion! Of course, there's still a hundred more things I want to do in here, like actually get a different armchair (I bought this one before I had much of the decor, and now I don't love it as much as I originally did), find an ottoman/pouf, replace the floor lamp, etc. etc. But that's the fun part about having a home - it's always a work in progress!

Anyway, I went a little photo crazy, so without further ado, grab a cup of coffee or tea and come hang out in Baby Keinsley's nursery awhile!


crib: IKEA • crib mattress: Amazon • crib sheet: Amazon • knit blanket: gifted • armoire: thrifted + DIYed • globe: vintage • fur hides: vintage • sign above crib: House of Belonging • "adventure is out there" map: Noel Shively + DIY frame • rug: At Home • rocker: vintage • floating book shelves: IKEA • books: gifts, saved from childhood, vintage • rainbow wooden toy: IKEA • stuffed dog: Amazon • curtains: IKEA • curtain hardware: WalMart • oar: vintage • dresser: thrifted • changing pad: Amazon • changing pad cover: Buy Buy Baby • white noise machine: Bed bath & Beyond • bucket for pacifiers: IKEA • lamp: Land of Nod • lampshade: IKEA • gallery wall frames: assorted (Hobby Lobby is my fave!) • gallery wall shelf: IKEA • wooden gallery wall shelf: vintage • "Be strong" print: Lindsay Letters • wooden clipboard: Hobby Lobby • mountain photo: my own • "Sleep under the stars" print: Quiet Boy Studio • antler: from a deer Matt's cousin shot! • geos + fossils: collected from a family farm • Hardy Boys books: vintage • Boy Scout & first aid books: vintage • lantern: IKEA • wooden helicopter: thrifted • chalkboard: vintage • metal arrow: Hobby Lobby (similar) • backpack: Fjallraven • hooks: WalMart • frames above hooks: WalMart • striped canvas bin: Amazon • rolling utility cart: IKEA • doorknob diaper pail/wet bag: Amazon • humidifier: Amazon • floor lamp: WalMart • white frames: IKEA • "say yes to adventures" print: pinterest + printed on card stock • "keep the wild in you" print: my own // wall color: dogwood blossom by Porter Paints