DIY: nurses' treat basket

Goooood morning friends! I wanted to share this quick (seriously, two minute) DIY for all of you who might be expecting and preparing for a hospital birth! with our due date just two weeks away (!!) I'm putting the finishing touches on packing our hospital bags, and after hearing about this idea for a "thank-you" basket for the labor and delivery nurses, decided to whip one up and include it in the things we're taking to the hospital! 2015-09-03_0004

I loved the idea of bringing a little something for the nurses who will be caring for me, Matt and our baby boy. I have such a deep appreciation and admiration for all nurses - it can be such thankless work! And a little kindness and appreciation can go a loooooong way. This little basket cost $10 and took two minutes, and I hope it brings a smile to our nurses' faces! I got the basket and all the treats at the dollar store. It's a mix of granola bars, fruit roll-ups, chocolate, hard candy and a few other things thrown in. I designed the thank you card and printed it on card stock on my home printer, and wrote a little note thanking the nurses for taking such great care of us. Matt will deliver it to the nurses' station on our floor when we arrive!

It really is the little things in life, and I'm excited to bless our sweet nurses with some little treats when it's hospital time!

Did you take a treat basket to your nurses? I also really loved this idea from At Home with Natalie, but had already put together our basket by the time I saw it. Next time! ;)