Our maternity photos

Hi, friends! It's been crickets around here, I know, and I'd like to say that's going to change but the reality is that it probably won't, haha. I am rushing around like crazy trying to get a zillion things done before this baby is born - he's due one month from tomorrow! - while also taking plenty of time to slow down, be still and cherish some much needed time with Matt. It's a whirlwind! So posts will probably be sporadic for awhile yet. Sorry! I did want to share our awesome maternity photos and give all you pregnant mamas some unsolicited advice - have maternity photos taken!! Whether you want to do the whole bare belly or not (I didn't), do a more formal session or a super casual one at home, it is so so worth it. We actually did two sessions, one with my sweet friend Caitlin in downtown Indy, and one with my friend Tessa in our home and a few in a nearby field. Although I wasn't feeling super into having my photo taken at eight months pregnant when I feel sooo unlike myself, I am SO glad we had these done and I will cherish them forever. They truly capture a precious time in our lives, on the brink of meeting our son, falling in love with each other in totally new and unexpected ways, and about to embark on a huge adventure. I get all mushy when I look at them and am so, so grateful we'll have them to look back on!

Our session with Caitlin Sullivan was downtown Indianapolis and I am 100% head over heels with these images! Caitlin rocks colorful shoots like no other and I'm such a fan. We brought my mom along to help wrangle Scout, and learned that the "bacon trick" - having her hold a piece of bacon riiiiiight next to Caitlin as she was shooting - was the best idea! Scout's face in some of these is PRICELESS. He was SO intent on that bacon!

We also did a session with my dear friend Tessa, who photographed our engagement and my head shots several times. I knew I wanted a really casual, laid-back session in our home to remember this time, and also wanted to throw on a flower crown and feel like a hippie for a minute, too ;) Tessa delivered, as always. Love that girl!

The photos in our house are ones I will always treasure!

And these ones in the field made me swoon when Tessa sent them to me. So grateful for you, T! And for you, C! So blessed by both of your girls' incredible talent - we will cherish these photos forever!!