augustgoals-01It's here! August. The last month before Baby K joins our family (whaaaat!) August has always been my least favorite month of the year, by far. Give me dreary March over the oppressive heat + humidity, the angst over everything I didn't do that summer, the nervousness about a new school year, the general melancholy about another season of change. But! This year I am determined to not hate August. I am determined to work smarter, rest well, live intentionally and pack as much fun + quality time into this month as possible. July FLEW, but was a really great month, and I'm riding that momentum straight into August, too. Here's a recap of my July goals:

  • Soak in the Word
  • Prep for maternity leave
  • Enjoy my baby shower + Chelsea’s visit
  • Finish cleaning out our house + garage in preparation for the garage sale (this isn't quite done, but the sale is Saturday so you bet it's getting done tomorrow + Friday!)
  • Read 3 books that fuel my spirit
  • Contentment Challenge
  • Celebrate our godson’s baptism
  • Stay diligent in meal prep + practice discipline in eating well for my body

This month, it's a little less about doing and a little more about abiding. Drinking deep from God's word, soaking up this season for exactly what it is. Here are my August goals:

Monthly goals:

    • Finish maternity leave prep
    • Lots of quality time + adventures with Matt (on our list: state fair, floating down the lazy river at the rec center in town, lots of walks, kayaking on the lake, farmer's market, picnic, driving out to the cornfields to stargaze)
    • Continue the Contentment Challenge + connect it to prayer/Scripture
    • Soak in the Word
    • Read 3 books
    • Create meaningful new products for my shop
    • Savor this season - journal, take photos, feel all the feelings
    • Finish my time with The Archibald Project well

Weekly goals:

    • Focused prayer for pregnancy/birth
    • Focused prayer on contentment
    • Fast from social media on weekends
    • Build in time for intentional self-care
    • Goals check-in
    • Budget check-in with Matt (this is going to keep appearing until it's a habit!)
    • Purposefully encourage/uplift someone
    • Focused prayer for marriage
    • Focused prayer for motherhood
    • Diligent meal prep + discipline in eating well

Daily goals:

    • Worship throughout the day
    • Pray for baby boy
    • Love Matt well
    • Do my best
    • Drink enough water

And that's that! It's already off to such a great start and I'm excited for all this month will bring. Maybe a baby! Who knows :) What are your goals for August? Pop a link in the comments, or just share right in there! I'd love to hear :) xoxo!