a new look for vallarina creative

You may have noticed a new look around these parts, and I am soooo excited to share today all about my new logo + branding! It's no secret that my BFF Chelsea over at 23 & 9 Creative is a rockstar at what she does (branding small businesses) so I knew when I started thinking about a new look for my little brand, I HAD to have her. I was sooo excited to be one of her July clients and could not be happier with how my new logo + branding package turned out!! I am also so amazed that we were able to pull this off; I jokingly put "rebrand vallarina creative" on my "to-do before maternity leave" list, but had zero expectation of it actually getting done. Thanks to Chels, I'm putting a giant checkmark next to that particular line. Woohoo! Now for the 47 other things on the list... I thought it'd be so fun to share the evolution of my logo over the last 7 years. It's hard to believe I've been doing this business thing for SEVEN YEARS, but it's true! I started as a little baby senior in high school back in September of 2007, when I called my budding photography business "Valerie's Photoshoppe," because I was so fancy with my old English spelling :) I hesitate to even call it a business, but people were paying me for a service so my mom insists I call a spade a spade. Whatever. The photography business grew through college, changed names to VM Photography (VM standing for my first and middle names, Valerie Marie) and I added design services along the way. After graduation, in March of 2013, I relaunched it with a new name - Vallarina Creative - as a dual photography + design studio. And then in fall of 2014, I dropped the photography part, and in January of 2015, I dropped the custom/corporate/freelance design, focusing solely on stationery. It's been QUITE the journey, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. As my business has grown, changed and evolved, my style and tastes totally have, too. I have poured more time and money into my little brand this year than ever before, but I'm feeling really good about where it's going and what it stands for. I just revamped my website, have been adding a ton of new products to my shop and couldn't be more excited about all that's in store!

Are you ready for some hilariousness? Here was my first-ever logo, created by cutting out + glueing together letters from magazines, then scanning into Microsoft Paint. Insert crying-laughing-emoji here.


From there I polished it up a bit, used the trusty "Impact" font (oooooh, Impact) for this bolder, cleaner look. Still hilarious. Not sure where I got the Purdue-esque black and yellow from? Who knows.


In college, I rebranded again to this beauty:


Which became this at some point:


And then when I relaunched it with the new name, this was my first stab at the Vallarina logo. I wanted something playful and fun, but I am clearly not an artist (that balloon?! what the heck!)


Last summer, I worked with the incredibly talented Jordan Boesch on this revised Vallarina logo, which I loved (and still do!) At the time, I wanted a more organic, brush-y feel to my logo and thought I'd be moving more in the direction of hand-lettered goods and elements. As it turns out, my true style is much more clean and streamlined with some playful elements thrown in, so although I absolutely love what Jordan created for me, by this summer it no longer quite fit the products in my shop.


So here is where I ended up after Chelsea worked her magic. I ADORE it and think it speaks perfectly to the Vallarina Creative brand and the style of my products and shop. It is SO fun and makes me want to throw a party all day long!


Here is the style guide Chelsea created to go along with the primary logo. I have been using the patterns EVERYWHERE (as you'll see on my site and in my shop) and I just looooove how it all works together. Like I said, I couldn't be happier!! I am so excited about the visual representation of this little brand and cannot WAIT for all that is in store for Vallarina Creative!!