FIVE on Friday: pregnancy favorites

fiveonfridaypregnancy-01 Happy Friday! I am sooo so excited about this particular Friday because my best friend Chelsea is in town for the weekend from NYC, my baby shower is tomorrow and I get to spend Sunday afternoon at our local county fair - a secret love of mine every summer! Hooray for lovely weekends.

Here's another roundup of five things I'm loving this Friday! This edition is the pregnancy edition - five things that I'm currently loving at 31 weeks pregnant! Hope you beauties are all off to enjoy a great weekend, as well. XO!

1. PERFECT SUMMER MAXI: I am living in this dress. It's perfectly roomy, drapey and breezy and makes me feel beautiful while also fitting my ample bump! Pro tip: DO NOT WASH THIS ON YOUR OWN. The tag says "dry clean only" and you should definitely listen. Because if you decide to Pinterest a DIY dry cleaning method and wash it on your own, it will shrink and be ruined and you will cry. And then your sweeter-than-anything husband will authorize the purchase of a new one because you are so sad. Hypothetically speaking. Definitely dry clean.

2. CLASSY SWIMSUIT: After searching high and low for a swimsuit to wear all summer, I settled on this one and I LOVE IT. Sadly it looks like it's no longer available but stalk the interwebs for it if you're in the market for a great swimsuit, pregnant or not. I first tried it on at 14 weeks and it looked great, and am still rocking it at 31 weeks and it's getting the job done (no easy feat!) It's comfy, classic black and makes me feel pretty - which is worth it's weight in gold for a swimsuit, amiright!?

3. SPARKLING WATER: Confession: I have not given up caffeine this pregnancy. I still have my daily cup of (half caff) coffee, have had a few sodas here and there and am currently loving lemonade. But even still, you have to drink a boatload of water when you're pregnant, especially in the summer, and after awhile I get tired of it. So I am really loving switching out my boring water with all different flavors of La Croix sparkling water! My favorite flavor so far is the coconut. Blend with some pineapple juice and ice, and it's practically a pina colada! Practically ;)

4. JOURNAL: I may have mentioned this before, but I am 100% in love with the Mom's One-Line-A-Day journal. My sweet friend gifted it to me right after I told her we were expecting, and it's been the greatest way to record milestones and memories throughout this pregnancy. Of course I had all the lofty first-time pregnancy goals - write weekly letters to the baby, start a scrapbook right away, on and on. As it turns out, life is full (and wonderful) and none of that happened. Thanks to this journal, I feel like I still have so many precious memories recorded, like the day my husband and I agreed on a name and when I felt the first real kick. I know in five or ten years it will be so incredible to look back on!

5. MOTHERHOOD BLOG: This isn't a tangible thing, but it's a current favorite nonetheless. I recently started reading Coffee + Crumbs and am 100% obsessed you guys. It is a collection of essays on motherhood, and they are funny, witty, poignant and so great! I read it every day and love it so so so much.

HONORABLE MENTION: essential oils (lavender and Gentle Baby especially), really good ice cream and these amazing maternity jeans.