primaveraheader-01 Happy Wednesday! I'm back again with another super awesome brand crush - this time my sweet friend Erin from Primavera Studio! I first met Erin when we were in the same revival group at last year's Influence Conference. I was so inspired by her; she was veryyyy pregnant and her husband was finishing up seminary and they had no idea where'd they be moving. Being very pregnant myself right now, I cannot imagine having the double stress of a baby PLUS an upcoming move to a yet-unknown destination. But Erin seemed so filled with grace and I just had this feeling that she totally trusted the Lord! Plus, I think her freckles are awesome. So there's that :) Erin is a crazy talented designer, artist, a wonderful mama to her sweet baby girl and her blog always makes me laugh out loud. I'm so thankful to know her and to introduce her to you all today! Meet Erin!


1. Tell us about yourself. Who are you, what do you do? Hi! My name is Erin Nausin, designer and blogger over at Primavera Studio, an online space where I offer creative design services, blog content, and a small shop. I love designing brands for other women who want to pursue their passions through their own blog or small business. I’m a firm believer that each person has their own story worth telling, and I love helping bring those to life in a visual way. On my own blog, I write about motherhood, faith, creativity, and simple living…there may also be read-worthy anecdote or two about my city-loving family trying to learn the ropes of living in the middle of the great north woods, our new home.

2. Describe a typical day. I could write out a nice answer filled with a complete breakfast + coffee, intentional time with my daughter, quiet times, a dose of exercise, and sitting down to work for hours at a time, snapping perfect Instagram photos as I go. Truth be told, I try and get to all of those things at some point, but mostly my day looks like a lady with a snarled top knot and workout clothes wrangling a 6 month old, keeping up with the housework, watching a lot of HGTV while nursing, and using naptime to get to work on projects and reply to emails. We are just now entering into a season where I’m able to get more work done during the day and I am super thankful for that. Our nights are mostly just for spending time as a family or going on the occasional (much needed) date night.

3. How do you stay inspired? This one’s a hard balance between spending time online…Instagram, Pinterest, blogs…and just turning it all off. Both of those things are crazy inspiring to me. I love looking at what other people are doing online, what they’re writing, what they’re designing, what they’re making. But I also love just being inspired by my own life – my own journey of motherhood, my own walk with God, my own dabblings in creative projects. When I feel stuck, it usually helps to just walk away and shift gears a little bit instead of forcing the creativity to come – because it just doesn’t work that way for me.

4. What's your favorite way to cultivate creativity?  I heard some really solid advice the other day that hasn’t left my mind since: our creativity and inspiration comes best when we are actually living our life. I can’t count how many hours I’ve wasted on social media, using it without purpose and scrolling through the highlight reels I wish I had. When I shut down the noise and dig deep into my own reality, recognizing the beauty in what’s right in front of me, that’s when creativity comes. I feel most creative and inspired when I’m outside, when I spend time with my little family, and when I work on projects that are just for me and not for work. 

5. How did you get started doing what you do?  I started out blogging as a hobby during my time volunteering overseas after college. It was fun for me to switch up the templates and customize this or that, so I started playing around with graphic design. I found I really had a passion for it, and one of my friends who I was working for a couple years back told me I should really start my own business – so I did! I have since learned a ton about design, branding, website building, and small business and I couldn’t be more thrilled to get to work on creative projects as my job.

6. What are your three favorite reads (books, blogs, magazines?)

  • Real Simple Magazine --  by far my favorite piece of monthly mail.
  • The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry – such good discussion on working in a creative field. He also has a podcast, also called the Accidental Creative.
  • The Daybookblog by Sydney Poulton – this was one of the very first blogs I started reading…like ever. Her writing style is on point and I can always count on her for a good laugh or a teary mom moment.

7. What fills your tank so you can keep doing what you do / how do you rest? Putting down my phone and working on a fun creative project just for me is super restful. Getting outside, exercising, reading, or just watching a favorite show with my husband helps me shut my work brain off and makes me feel a little more balanced in general.

8. If you could give another creative entrepreneur who is just starting out a piece of advice, what would you say? As someone who wants to get everything right the first time, my advice would be that it’s okay not to. You don’t have to have all the answers, a five-year plan, a professional marketing strategy, or a perfect Instagram profile. It’s okay to just start. Use what you have, be confident in what you’re putting out there, and be okay with changing things up as it becomes clearer on what you want to be about. If you are always putting your passions or dreams off because you are too afraid to mess up, you’ll never start. Just go for it, k?

9. Share five products/apps that make your life easier / you can't life without.

  • Pretty to-do list paper pads
  •  Google Calendar
  • Let’s be honest…Instagram
  • Naptime Dairies Abide Devotional
  • Shameless plug? My encouragement scripture cards that sit on my desk all day.

10. Favorite song to throw an impromptu dance party to? Admittedly, I’m such a sucker for Uptown Funk. Gets me every time.

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Yay, thanks Erin!! You can keep up with Erin on her Instagram, blog and Facebook!