a little armoire makeover

Okay, first up, let's start with a disclaimer. Once upon a time I thought I'd become one of those DIY bloggers, sharing step-by-step tutorials on how to do projects and turn janky Craigslist finds into beautiful pieces for your home. I'm going to go ahead and shatter that illusion once and for all, because a) I am not patient enough to seek out killer Craigslist deals (not to be confused with Craigslist killers) and b) doing a project while also documenting a project is impossible. Props to the fine folks over at Young House Love. I'll leave the tutorials to them (although, I can totally see why they are taking a break!) Now that we got that out of the way, I want to show you our cute little armoire makeover! This is not a tutorial, because I mostly just wing it when doing projects. Especially when it involves wood and paint. I never know what kind of paint to buy, so I usually opt for the cheapest brand I can in a color that seems okay. For this particular project, we went with a semi-gloss finish so that we could easily wipe it down with a damp cloth, since it's going to be in a little boy's room, after all. I wanted a light, minty-blue to match a little lantern I'd picked up at IKEA a few weeks ago. The colors don't match perfectly, but that's okay! I love how it turned out.

We have exactly two closets in our hundred-year old house, one of which is conveniently in the nursery! However, it's an under-the-stairs closet, so the space isn't super usable. And, it's currently packed with stuff that we don't have space for elsewhere. I knew we'd need some alternative storage options for the nursery since clearing out the closet wasn't really an option. We do have a big, 6-drawer dresser in there already that we purchased shortly after getting married, so that's a big help. But I started looking for an armoire on Craigslist and at garage sales, after seeing this pin and loving how it looked. And, behold! I stumbled across a good deal on what looked like a pretty sweet, vintage-y looking armoire for $20. We drove across town and hauled this beauty home. It was dirty and haphazardly painted two different colors. Apologize for the dark cell phone photos. See above about documenting while doing being impossible ;)

It was in pretty rough condition, as you can see. It's also not real wood, but fiberboard/particleboard. BUT, it looked like it had been painted in the past, so we decided to go ahead and get it and hope we could paint it. If the paint ended up disastrous, well, it was only a $20 mistake, which seemed doable.

We gave it good scrub down with a damp cloth, then primed it, then gave it two coats of paint. I had no plans to paint the inside because I'm lazy and who cares about the inside? But you could see little bits of the inside once the doors were closed, so I decided to go ahead and give it one coat on the entire upper inside. I haven't gotten around to painting the lower inside yet, and probably won't, because #thirdtrimester.

The knobs were replaced with knobs we bought months ago for our kitchen cabinets (that have yet to be refinished!)

Storage-space wise, this piece packs a punch! The shelves came with it, and we bought a simple shower curtain rod to use for hang-up clothes. Most of the clothes are folded and stored in the dresser, so the armoire will be used for things like blankets, carriers, toys, and the miscellaneous stuff. Those lower baskets are currently empty, but I'm sure they will get filled with stuff after next weekend's baby shower! Also, the bottom right door won't stay shut, so that needs to get fixed. Or not. Because that adds to the charm, right?

I love how it turned out! Total cost was around $40 between the armoire, paint and tension rod. Not too shabby! Sooo glad to have this project checked off the list :)