julygoals-01 Whew, this summer is flying by. I remember back in February and March, right after we announced we were expecting, thinking this summer would just draaaaaag and drag. I remember as a kid that summer always felt like it took YEARS. Those loooooong lazy days where I had to entertain myself for HOURS (PS, thanks for that, Mom! truly inspired my creativity like none other) and the weeks on end of no school, no sports, no anything. I was actually kind of dreading this summer, thinking it'd feel extra long and excruciatingly so since we are awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby right after Labor Day! But, as it turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about because this summer is FLYING! Hard to believe that the 4th of July has already come and gone, and now it's a whirlwind of travel, baby showers, garage sale prep, out-of-town visitors and getting all the last things tied up before our sweet boy joins us. Hard to believe we have just over 10 weeks until our due date. I'm holding the due date VERY loosely, though. I read that most first-time moms will go into labor on their own at 41 weeks and 1 day, statistically speaking. And some go even longer! So I'm actually sort of planning on that as a real due date (September 26th or later), instead of our actual date of September 18th. That way, if he comes before 41+1 (or anytime before 42 weeks!), I'll just be extra thrilled! And truly, we don't have much left to do. Some additions here and there to the nursery (that are not crucial by any means), a few home projects we'd like to squeeze in if possible, and after my shower in two weeks we'll know what else we need to get - we've still bought hardly anything! So far we've bought the crib (but no mattress, haha), a bouncer seat, a bumbo seat and an infant carseat + stroller travel system (that I scored for $60 from a friend). I won a few things in a giveaway and we've been given tons of hand-me-down clothes and accessories like shoes, hats, bibs, burp cloths and sleep sacks, and we have been soooo diligent in not buying anything else until after our shower and even then,we're going to try to stick only to necessities! I'm actually pretty proud of us. It's definitely been hard (especially once I hit third trimester!) but I know we will be so glad we held out and didn't buy tons of stuff before knowing what we truly need.

Anyway, all that to say, summer is flying and it's going to continue to do so. So! Here are my goals for July:

Monthly goals:

  • Soak in the Word
  • Prep for maternity leave
  • Enjoy my baby shower + Chelsea's visit
  • Finish cleaning out our house + garage in preparation for the garage sale
  • Read 3 books that fuel my spirit
  • Contentment Challenge
  • Celebrate our godson's baptism (so excited to meet our nephew/godson next weekend!!)
  • Stay diligent in meal prep + practice discipline in eating well for my body (it's been a WILD few weeks but I am determined to get back on track!)

Weekly goals:

  • Quality time with Matt
  • Sabbath rest
  • Budget check-in meeting
  • Create realistic work list + complete it
  • Fast from social media on weekends
  • Pray for pregnancy + delivery
  • Me-time for intentional self-care

Daily goals:

  • Praise the Lord + invite Him into my day
  • Give thanks
  • Love Matt well
  • Pray for our son
  • Drink enough water

What are your goals for July? Pop a link to your post or just drop them in the comments! XO!