five on friday: podcasts

5onfripodcasts-01 Today seems to be the week for series posts, so here's another one I'm starting: five on Friday! Because I clearly don't have enough series on here that I can't keep up with ;) (like my recent reads, travel crushes, financial freedom journey, Monday currently's and capsule wardrobe, to name a few.)

I love reading these types of round-up posts, though, so here goes nothing! Introducing my first five on Friday: podcasts! I've recently gotten super into podcasts and am loving listening to them while cleaning, doing dishes, folding laundry, or especially in the car. And I just learned (thanks to Jamie Ivey!) that if you have Apple TV, it has the podcasts app! So now I can play them on my tv while I do housework--hooray! Here are my five current podcast faves, but do share your favorites in the comments if you have any! I love finding new ones!!

  1. The Happy Hour by Jamie Ivey // Truly like getting together for drinks or coffee with your bffs! I always laugh out loud. I just discovered this one and have only listened to 3 or 4 episodes, but I LOVE it so far!
  2. Elise Gets Crafty by Elise Joy // SUCH a good podcast about small business, balancing, creativity, motivation, tons more!! I've been soaking up episodes left and right and they have all had sooo many nuggets of wisdom. Super great if you're a maker or business owner or trying to manage and balance a lot.
  3. The Influence Network podcast // Love the Influence Network! The episodes always feature super inspiring women as guests, and I've loved getting to know some of the women I follow online better through their episodes.
  4. Pregnancy Perfect Podcast by Annabell Ingleton // Annabell just posted on Instagram that she likely isn't returning for season 2 of this podcast, which is soooo sad. It's been so fun to listen to past episodes and glean wisdom and laugh along with other mamas as they share their stories of pregnancy!
  5. Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon // I discovered this podcast when two of my faves, Elise and Scott Grice of Hey, Sweet Pea, were featured and I have loooooved listening to past episodes since then! It's a podcast geared towards creative entrepreneurs and has been such an encouragement and motivation for me!

And now I'm off to prime an armoire for the nursery and--you guessed it--catch up on podcast episodes! ;) XOXO!