Monday currently // 06

2015-06-08_0001 Eating / 80% paleo! It's going well. We've had a few treats here and there, but there's no guilt included because the majority of what we're eating are super healthy options. I feel good about it. This looser structure is working well for us.

Drinking / Cold brewed iced coffee. All day.

Practicing / Accepting grace and truly SURRENDERING to Jesus. Not just saying it--DOING it. What freedom there is in that!!

Mastering / List-making. It has reached new heights thanks to pregnancy brain + nesting!

Trying / To put a few routines into practice before baby boy is born. We'll see how it goes!

Playing / This calming, grounding playlist by Nancy Ray as much as possible! (you need a Spotify account to listen, but it's free!)

Finishing / My first bottle of water for the day. Determined to get in the full amount today!

Reading / All the Light We Cannot See and it is AHmazing. A great summer read!!

Remembering / That I am deeply and unequivocally loved, regardless of how much I accomplish.

Wearing / The best maternity jeans from my first-ever Stitchfix and whatever top happens to fit each's a toss-up nowadays with this growing belly!

Cooking / BBQ everything! Seriously loving BBQ lately...

Working / On new products for my Etsy shop! Super excited to get some designs out of my head and into reality!

Traveling / To Michigan tomorrow! Excited for a mini road trip and to see my rad TAP bosses :)

Wanting / A double chocolate chunk brownie from Starbucks, but what else is new? Or homemade chocolate chip cookies...that craving hit hard yesterday and has not gone away. Le sigh.