60 before 30

60_2-01Last week I shared the final update for my 101 in 1001 list, and shared that I was working on a new extended goals/bucket/life list: a 60-before-30 list! I first saw the idea on Em for Marvelous and loved it! I know, I know. 30 is five years away. Maybe this is jumping the gun? But having already done one 101 in 1001, I think it will be fun to try something new!! Plus this means I only have to accomplish 12 things a year, one for each month between now and the big 3-0, which feels doable! Have you ever made a 60 before 30 list, or a 101 in 1001? I'd love to read them! Post your link in the comments :)

Okay, here's the officially official list! Eeeep! So excited about it. Some of them were inspired by Emily's list, some were rolled over from my 101 in 1001 list and others are things I would just love to do / learn / accomplish. Here goes nothing!

Start date: May 31, 2015

End date: May 29, 2020

Items completed: 0 (will continue to update!)

  1. Visit a lighthouse
  2. Visit Paris with my mom
  3. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity build
  4. Bring a baby into this world
  5. Learn to play guitar
  6. Go swing dancing with Matt
  7. Hang a hammock up
  8. Watch the sun rise on New Year’s Day
  9. Leave a present for the mailman
  10. Plant a tree
  11. Plant peonies in our yard
  12. Put up a clothesline
  13. Spend the weekend in a cabin
  14. Go on a family camping trip
  15. Pay off what we borrowed for our down payment
  16. Celebrate our 5-year anniversary in Rome
  17. Have our marriage blessed by the Pope (and wear my wedding dress!)
  18. Host a favorite things party
  19. Hang a gallery wall of old family photos
  20. Host a BBQ in our backyard
  21. Grow a cutting garden
  22. Eat seasonally for a whole summer
  23. Invest in a timeless leather tote
  24. Write a will
  25. Take a calligraphy class
  26. Leave Christmas gifts for our neighbors
  27. Have plans drawn for our attic remodel
  28. Have plans drawn for our garage + studio addition
  29. Renovate the backyard - add a patio and pergola
  30. Fully fence the backyard
  31. Attend the Noblesville Street Dance
  32. Watch a meteor shower
  33. Pay cash for a car
  34. Take ballet classes
  35. Be able to touch my toes
  36. Replace our living room couch
  37. Leave an encouraging note for a stranger in a public place
  38. Sponsor a child's education
  39. Go junking at the Old US 40 yard sale
  40. Get involved in a ministry at church
  41. Bike the entire Cultural Trail
  42. Fully fund an emergency fund
  43. Figure out a skincare routine
  44. Visit the canyonlands
  45. Take a weekend getaway to Michigan
  46. Explore Asheville, NC
  47. Start a K wall (like Emily's L wall!)
  48. Send my mom flowers just because
  49. Make wedding albums for our parents
  50. Buy + use an entire chicken
  51. Complete the kitchen remodel
  52. Make ProjectLife albums for high school
  53. ...and college!
  54. Replace clothing pieces I get rid of with more ethical options
  55. Start a Life Handbook for my nephew (and godson!)
  56. Do a microloan
  57. Make a ProjectLife album of our engagement + wedding
  58. Make a ProjectLife album of my summer abroad
  59. Host a "Friendsgiving"
  60. Hang a gallery wall of travel photos