junegoals-01 JUNE! How are we in June?! May just whooshed by, didn't it? It was full of so much fun and celebration though, so no complaints. I feel like I accomplished sooo much last month while also enjoying a lot of time with family and friends, and I'm so grateful!

Here's a recap and how I did with my May goals:

  • Read 4 books (I’m taking a week-long vacation, and all I’m going to do is read!)
  • Start our DIY Bradley Method class
  • Take a restful + re-energizing vacation
  • Design + launch Vallarina Wedddings
  • Reorganize the master bedroom (we had to move a lot of stuff from the nursery to our bedroom and need to find storage for it all! Good thing organizing is my favorite!)
  • Take a fun + prudent trip to IKEA (Keyword: prudent. Haha!)
  • STICK TO THE BUDGET. NO EXCEPTIONS. (After our trouble sticking to the super strict spending challenge last month, we are being much more realistic this month. We made a normal realistic budget for ourselves and decided that we are absolutely 100% sticking to it, no exceptions. If it’s not written on the budget sheet, it doesn’t happen, period. If our cash envelopes are out of money, then that’s that. No exceptions. I’m hopeful we can stick to this! We are also meeting weekly to check in with our budget, instead of monthly like we’ve been doing.)
  • Celebrate my birthday simply + joyfully
  • Celebrate all the other birthdays + Mother’s Day well
  • Finish the LLB Proverbs 31 Study

Overall, May was a great month! Lots of margin and rest, mixed with serious hustle both in business and around the house. The nesting has kicked into high gear and we are knocking out projects left and right! That momentum is reflected a lot in my June goals as well; there are several house projects I'd like to get knocked out this month. Most of them are very close to completion already, just need to do those final few things to get them 100% done.  June's list is also very business-centric as I'm working SUPER hard to prep + plan for a maternity leave so I can truly rest and savor the season when baby boy arrives. So without further ado, here's my list of goals for June!


  • Read 3 books (I'm currently reading this one and this novel, and will probably finish this book of letters, too!)
  • Finish the Life Lived Beautifully Proverbs 31 study (rolled over from last month since it didn't happen!)
  • Work on house tidying (inspired by this aforementioned book!) and prep for the summer garage sale
  • Plan maternity leave
  • Finish branding school
  • Work on creating + implementing business systems
  • Complete the dining room mini makeover
  • FINISH the laundry room (get those pesky baseboards up!)
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets
  • Paint the nursery armoire
  • Start Project Life (used my birthday money to purchase my first-ever kit and I am SO excited!!)


  • Practice Sabbath
  • Two barre classes (three if I can swing it!)
  • Budget check-in meeting with Matt (chatting more regularly about the budget helped us a lot last month!)
  • Create realistic work list and complete it (my week list system is working GREAT! Will share soon.)
  • Love on someone
  • Intentional quality time with Matt
  • Pregnancy-focused prayer
  • Walk Scout
  • Fast from social media on weekends


  • practice Sabbath rest / self-care
  • Give thanks + chat with God
  • Love on Matt
  • Drink enough water
  • Practice joy

What are your goals for June? Any fun adventures planned? I have some fun adventures planned this month, including another IKEA trip with my mama, an antiquing adventure with my mom + mother-in-law, and the second annual river float with a huge group of friends! Can't wait -- it feels like summer is about to be in full swing! XOXO!