101 in 1001: the final update

101in1001-01 Roughly three years ago, I was introduced to the idea of a "101 in 1001" list. It's a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. Kind of like a bucket list, but not quite as extreme. Like, "be able to touch my toes" could be on there, right next to "go skydiving." I wasn't sure what to expect when I set out, but I really loved having it to refer to, and it was super fun to check things off and realize just how many life things I've accomplished over the last three-ish years! The official end date is next weekend (June 8th), but my birthday is tomorrow (the big 25!) so I decided to officially wrap up this 101 in 1001 series in preparation for a new list I'll be sharing next week--a 60 before 30 list! 60 things I'd like to do and/or learn over the next 5 years before the big 3-0. I'm really excited! I love these kinds of things :)

All in all, I think it was successful! I accomplished 42 of the 101, which sort of feels defeating but at the same time, that's 42 things I had not done or learned 3 years ago! I also threw out 6 of the things because circumstances changed (i.e. no more photography business, baby, etc.) I think next time around, I'll hang the list somewhere I'll see it! I never printed it out or displayed it anywhere, so it was mostly an afterthought most of the time. Like, "oh, wonder if I've crossed anything else off the 101 list." I think having it on display would make it more successful and also cut down on those I'm-so-uninspired-and-there's-nothing-to-do moments, since I could choose to do something from the list!

Okay, without further ado, here's the official final update to the 101 in 1001 list!

Start date: September 10, 2012

End date: June 8, 2015 (here’s a CALCULATOR I used to figure out the end date.)

1. See a concert at Red Rocks

2. Visit a real lighthouse

3. Get S.C.U.B.A. certified (this will NOT be happening due to the baby!)

4. Skydive (this will NOT be happening due to the baby!)

5. Pay off my student loan (accomplished: September 2014)

6. Save up an emergency fund, enough to cover 3-6 mos. worth of bills (semi-accomplished in June 2015. We have enough for almost 3 months worth of bills, which is the most money we've ever had saved. It feels amazing!)

7. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity build

8. Rebrand & relaunch my business  (accomplished: May 2013)

9. Launch an Etsy Store (accomplished: May 2013)

10. Crochet myself a pair of mittens (accomplished: winter 2014. I didn't do mittens, but I did make like 10 scarves that I LOVE, so I'm counting it!)

11. Grow an herb garden (accomplished: summer 2014. It wasn't a whole garden necessarily, but I did grow basil and mint! And planted a full herb garden for this summer too!)

12. Develop film

13. Watch all 200 movies on the New Year’s Resolution list I made in 2011

14. Attend a jazz festival

15. Learn to play guitar

16. Karaoke

17. Take ballet lessons

18. Cook dinner 3x a week for six months

19. Do a gallery wall (UPDATE: three times! our new house too :) // accomplished: twice! My parents’ house now has a HUGE gallery wall featuring tons of people from both my mom’s and dad’s sides of the family. Our apartment has a gallery wall in our living room, too, although the frames remain photo-less, for now ;) )

20. Go to a winery (accomplished: July 2013, in Spain!)

21. Sew myself an article of clothing (accomplished: April 2015, if a clutch counts? Also kind of helped my mom sew a dress, which sort of counts!)

22. Be able to touch my toes

23. Learn to ballroom dance

24. Scrapbook all those mementos from high school & college

25. Watch a meteor shower

26. Art direct and photograph a styled photoshoot

27. Run another marathon

28. Take a ride in a hot air balloon

29. Go roller-blading (accomplished: summer 2014)

30. Record/videotape the story of Nana and Papa’s courtship and engagement

31. See a Broadway musical

32. Go apple picking (accomplished: fall 2013 and fall 2014!)

33. Enter a photography competition

34. Roadtrip to Michigan

35. Explore Asheville, North Carolina

36. Fly kites

37. Buy a bicycle (and ride it!) (I'm crossing this off, because instead I just refurbished my bike I got when I was 12, and Matt and I rode our bikes all over last summer!)

38. Move into and decorate a home of my (our!) own (accomplished: June 2013. Still a work in progress!)

39. Make Christmas ornaments (accomplished: Christmas 2013 and Christmas 2014)

40. Make a scrapbook/photobook of the summer I spent in England

41. Get a stamp in my passport from somewhere I haven’t been before (UPDATE: accomplished again with Uganda last March! // accomplished: July 2013 with SPAIN!)

42. Join a recreational soccer league (semi-accomplished: fall 2013--I played several times with Matt's team, although never formally joined.)

43. Hang a hammock up

44. See Mat Kearney in concert

45. See Salvation Mountain

46. Go rock climbing with Matt (on real rocks!) (this will NOT be happening due to the baby!)

47. Make apple pie (Matt’s favorite!) from scratch (accomplished: fall 2013)

48. Take a watercolor class with my mom (accomplished: February 2013. We took a pop-up class at the Indianapolis Art Center. So fun!)

49. Join Rotary (accomplished: spring 2013. I joined the Noblesville Rotary Club.)

50. Send Christmas cards to past clients (crossing this off since I no longer do photography!)

51. Send anniversary cards to past wedding clients (crossing this off since I no longer do photography!)

52. Write my ideal client profile (accomplished: spring 2013, with the help of Whitney English’s Day Designer.)

53. Get married ;) (accomplished: July 5, 2013, and it was hands-down the VERY best day of my life. I also cheated putting this on here, because I knew it was going to happen ;) )

54. Develop my packaging for photography materials (crossing this off since I no longer do photography!)

55. Attend a photography workshop (accomplished: October 2014. It wasn't a photography workshop, but it was a life changing business + life workshop, so I'm counting it.)

56. Make a corkboard map of all the places I’ve been

57. Graduate college (accomplished: December 2012. What an awesome feeling.)

58. Watch the sunrise on New Year’s Day

59. Write my brothers each a letter telling them how cool they are

60. Take a personality test (accomplished: fall 2014. INFP here!)

61. Leave a present for the mailman

62. Back up all of my photographs (accomplished: somewhat in June 2015. Still working on the final folders, but got everything backed up to hard drives AND the cloud. hooray!)

63. Donate money to my high school (accomplished: fall 2013)

64. Sponsor a child in a developing country again (for a whole year this time)

65. Plant a tree

66. Read a classic novel (accomplished: December 2014. I read "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens)

67. Watch the original BBC version of Pride & Prejudice

68. Go swing dancing with Matt

69. Cull my clothing down to only timeless, treasured favorites (accomplished: in process over 2014/2015. You can read all about it here.)

70. Make another t-shirt quilt

71. Spend a whole day with my paternal grandmother

72. Spend a whole day with my maternal grandmother

73. Build a treehouse

74. Set up a home office (UPDATE: accomplished twice! The first in August 2013. See the tour here! And again in May 2015 in our new house.)

75. Participate in a river clean-up (accomplished: September 2014 with Rotary!)

76. Watch the series One Tree Hill from the beginning

77. Start a vinyl collection (which means getting a record player!) (accomplished: July 2013, thanks to a wedding gift of a record player! My first record? Carol King’s “Tapestry” ;) )

78. Find my ancestors’ names in the book on Ellis Island

79. Throw a surprise party for someone

80. Have professional photos taken where I incorporate balloons (accomplished: June 2013. Does it count if I took the photos, and the client brought the balloons? Still, it was awesome.)

81. Perfect the homemade pumpkin spice latte (accomplished: October 2012. Blog post tutorial coming soon!)

82. Send one MORE LOVE LETTERS letter per month

83. Visit the Indiana Dunes

84. Take a weekend trip to Dale Hollow

85. Go to Vegas

86. Make a recipe book, including lots of recipes from mom, Nana and Grandmother (Accomplished: this is a work in progress, but it's started! I don't have many heirloom recipes gathered yet, but I do have a growing binder of tried-and-true recipes and am beginning my collection. It's the cutest binder ever!)

87. Go to the state fair. (UPDATE: again in 2014! // accomplished: August 2013. So fun!)

88. Photograph a sunrise session

89. Send personal Christmas cards that I designed myself (accomplished: Christmas 2013 and 2014. My favorite tradition!)

90. Run for charity (accomplished: April 2015. I ran in a color run at Ball State that benefitted the Muscular Dystrophy Association!)

91. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor (accomplished: spring 2013. It’s easy!)

92. Build a sandcastle

93. Buy an iMac (accomplished: March 2013. I love it!)

94. Go on a picnic (accomplished: July 2013 in Park Guell in Barcelona. Too perfect.)

95. Host a holiday dinner at my (our!) house(accomplished: Thanksgiving 2013. We hosted my family at our apartment!)

96. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (accomplished: October 2013 with Chelsea!)

97. Spend a weekend in Chicago

98. Read 5 books to help my business

99. Learn to quilt from Matt’s grandma

100. Read 100 books

101. Buy a Jessica Hische print