A little office update

I haven't shared too much about our new house, because most days it feels like there isn't much to share! I tend to focus more on allllllll the things I still want to do, rather than all the things we've already done! C'est la vie, right?! But when I snapped this photo this morning of my recently revamped studio space, I was really struck by how much this little room has changed in the 6 short months we've lived here. I dug through the photo archives for what it looked like on move-in day, and was floored! And even more convinced that a coat of white paint cures ALL ills. Here's a quick peak at what my studio used to look like, and what it looks like today! And actually, on the VERY first day we got the keys, this room had a layer of old carpet, which we tore out before I could even snap photos because it had been used as indoor pet bathroom--gross! We were thrilled to discover the three layers of various linoleum patterns underneath, which someone had the bright idea to try painting over at one point! So these before photos are technically one step removed from actual original ;)

We made a bar-height/standing desk with cheap materials from Lowe's and online tutorial, and I love that I can look out the window while I work! I also took the shelves out of that weird built-in medicine cabinet thing, and use it more as a shadow box now. The shelving was made with leftover materials from the media wall we put up in our old apartment. The flooring is super cheap laminate that was leftover from my parents' renters. When they moved out, the left the materials in the attic of my parents' rental house, and it turned out to be exactly the amount we needed to do this space! Serendipity!

Eventually this corner will be home to a daybed with drawers underneath for all my craft supplies, but that's phase two :) I want this space to double as a work/craft studio AND guest room. Right now all my craft supplies are stored in the nursery closet but, someday!

So fun to look at the before + after photos side by side! Makes it seem like it's come a really long way, eh? I love it in here now!