may 2015

maygoals-01 My favorite month of all time has arrived!! Oh, how I love May. May to me always marks celebration, true springtime, ushering in sweet summer and tons of time with family and friends. We celebrate our mamas, my younger brother's birthday, my birthday at the end of the month, Memorial Day and put the boat back in the water after its long winter in hibernation. I feel like the world comes back to life, fully, in May. Not to mention that it's a great time to live in Indianapolis, what with the "greatest spectacle in racing" here in my fave city this month! This month also holds a lovely, MUCH-needed vacation with my parents and brother (but I can't even talk about how sad I am that Matt can't come) and a visit from my BFF Chelsea, who I haven't seen in ages!! It's going to be a good month. I can feel it in my bones. It's also going to be a BUSY month, with lots of projects for business, The Archibald Project and personally. Gearing up for some seriously intentional work time, along with tons of playtime and rest. The best!

Here's a recap at my goals for April:

  • Complete an Instagram fast  (the original plan was to fast the entire month of April, which didn't happen. I'm still chalking this up as a win because I scaled wayyyyyyy back for 3ish weeks and gained a lot of clarity about the role I want Instagram to play in my life! I also deactivated my FB again, once and for all. Hooray!)
  • Read BabywiseIn Defense of Food and a fiction novel (reviews coming tomorrow!)
  • Clean out the baby’s dresser and purge + organize the baby’s room closet (the organized closet makes me OH SO HAPPY!)
  • Spending challenge from 7 (Totally missed the mark on this. I think we tried to veer way too far in the opposite direction after our budget fail in March. The challenge from 7 wasn't realistic for us in April, so we set ourselves up for failure. We're doing a much more realistic plan for May. We DID stick to the plan for the first two weeks of April, and were able to save a good chunk of dough!)
  • One date night without phones (So good! These are necessary for us. We ended up having a super good/hard/much-needed conversation about what life is going to look like here in a few weeks when Matt goes back to medic class and aired some feelings we both hadn't shared. Put the phones away, friends. It's amazing what happens when you really look into their eyes and just TALK.)
  • Design + list three product lines in my shop (I listed two of the three! I posted new Baptism and Graduation invites in April.)
  • Paint the baby’s room (DONE! So happy! See a sneak peek here.)
  • Celebrate the gender reveal (This was so fun! After the ultrasound appointment, we got cinnamon crunch bagels and marveled at the fact that we have a son. We narrowed our name list wayyyy down too. To announce the news, we gifted our parents little photo frames with an ultrasound photo, bought a "world's coolest nephew" onesie and took a photo to text to our siblings, and snapped a few photos with blue balloons to share on social media and stick in the baby book. It was a low-key, absolutely perfect way to share about our baby boy and I'll treasure the photos forever!)

The weekly and daily goals were WAY more of a struggle, so I'm focusing extra on those this month. I want to really establish good routines that ensure the things I want to focus on become habit! I truly believe it's the "little by little" that adds up to major change, so I'm investing a lot of energy into the little by little this month. That said, I also have some lofty overall monthly goals, and here they are!


  • Read 4 books (I'm taking a week-long vacation, and all I'm going to do is read!)
  • Start our DIY Bradley Method class
  • Take a restful + re-energizing vacation
  • Design + launch Vallarina Wedddings
  • Reorganize the master bedroom (we had to move a lot of stuff from the nursery to our bedroom and need to find storage for it all! Good thing organizing is my favorite!)
  • Take a fun + prudent trip to IKEA (Keyword: prudent. Haha!)
  • STICK TO THE BUDGET. NO EXCEPTIONS. (After our trouble sticking to the super strict spending challenge last month, we are being much more realistic this month. We made a normal realistic budget for ourselves and decided that we are absolutely 100% sticking to it, no exceptions. If it's not written on the budget sheet, it doesn't happen, period. If our cash envelopes are out of money, then that's that. No exceptions. I'm hopeful we can stick to this! We are also meeting weekly to check in with our budget, instead of monthly like we've been doing.)
  • Celebrate my birthday simply + joyfully
  • Celebrate all the other birthdays + Mother's Day well
  • Finish the LLB Proverbs 31 Study

My weekly and daily goals are pretty much the same as previous months. I tried to focus them in a few key areas: spiritual life, marriage, self-care and work. I have a really good feeling about this month and am excited to see the progress at the end of it!

What are your goals this month? I'd love to hear! Happy Monday!