stylish diaper bags

diaperbags-01 Are you a diaper bag fan? I've been looking at tons online and I don't think I fall into the "traditional diaper bag" camp. I know, kind of a silly thing to spend soooo much time researching, but then again, this bag is going to go with me EVERYWHERE. I need it to be cute + super functional! After lots of searching, I've narrowed down my faves to these four. I love that they're all super versatile and can work as a carry-all long past when I'm toting around bottles and diapers and pacifiers. They're all pricey for sure, but I'm hoping to just invest in one super great bag instead of having a bunch of inexpensive ones. Quality over quantity, y'all. For the totes, I'm looking at purchasing this insert to keep all that baby gear organized.

My favorites, in order: Cuyana / Leader Bag Co / Lily Jade / Everlane

Did you buy a diaper bag for your little one, or just a big roomy carry-all? Any other super great options I missed? Let me know!!