some recent favorites...

Overall, I don't think my likes/dislikes/preferences have changed too much during pregnancy (except for in the clothing department, which is another post altogether) but I definitely have a handful of favorite things that I'd qualify as "pregnancy favorites." I've read about a zillion "pregnancy essentials" lists, and I think that term is so funny because what's essential for one mama might seem completely ridiculous to me, so I thought I'd share my favorites instead :) pregnancyfaves-01

1. Barre classes // I've been going to a 50-minute barre class two or three times a week since about week 7, and I loooooooveeeeee it. I did barre for several months last summer and fall, and I've never loved a workout class or method more. I'd heard it was a GREAT workout for pregnancy and I'm happy to report that it IS! Even though it's been a struggle to find confidence in my new pregnant body and give myself grace for the extra pounds I'm toting (I KNOW it's for good reason. I know I know I know. I tell myself every day. But it's been tough to convince my emotional brain of that truth!), I always look forward to class and leave feeling stronger and better about myself. Plus, my instructors are amazing and always offer modifications when I can't do certain exercises (like a lot of abdominal twists, or laying on my back for a long period of time.) If you're expecting and looking for a good workout routine, I'd highly recommend barre!

2. Coobie bras // Real talk: finding a bra for my increased décolletage was exactly zero fun. I went through what felt like 10 brands and styles, getting more and more discouraged every time. Until someone recommended this style, and now I'm sold. They are cheap, comfortable, perfect under tees and tanks and they've been a lifesaver. I was so skeptical of the "one size" model but it fits me perfectly! I also like that the straps disconnect so I can wear it with racer back tank tops or even as a strapless if I want. You can get them on Amazon.

3. Water tumbler with straw // I don't know how many times I wake up during the night feeling super parched. I don't know about you, but keeping a full glass of water on my nightstand is a recipe for disaster (I'm picturing knocking it over onto the stack of books on the floor--yikes.) So having a tumbler with a lid and straw that I can reach for without hardly opening my eyes? Genius. I have a couple different tumblers I use for water throughout the day, including a glass one I use when putting essential oils into my water, and they are a lifesaver. You have to drink sooooooo much water when you're pregnant, and I find that it's way easier through a straw!

4. Maxi skirt // I know I keep saying I'm going to reveal my maternity capsule wardrobe soon, but the reality is that I don't quite have it figured out yet, despite declaring exactly 4 times that it's "finished." Every week it feels like the outfits that fit great the previous week and made me feel like myself suddenly don't fit right--and that is likely going to continue as this belly grows. I've been super discouraged about it because I feel like I'm throwing all the work I did nailing down my style and creating my capsule wardrobes out the window (not to mention wasting money on clothes that seem to only last a week), but I'm gradually learning to just ride the wave and cling to pieces I find and love. Enter: the maxi skirt. I actually found an amazing, super-soft heather grey maxi skirt with pockets (!!) at Meijer, of all places. I've been wearing it constantly and I know it's going to be a staple all summer long.

5. Clementines // Oh my gosh you guys, I cannot get enough citrus. I hear this is common during pregnancy? I eat between 3 and 8 of these little gems a day and there's no end in sight to my obsession. Thankfully they're super good for me...unlike the potato chips that I'm also constantly craving ;)

6. Essential oils // My Young Living essential oils have been a godsend these last few weeks. I find myself using them more than ever, for everything from aching muscles after barre, to getting rid of migraines, to helping me get good sleep at night. I've been loving lemon EO in my water, grapefruit as a natural perfume, and since I'm extra sensitive to smells lately, I diffuse Purification almost everyday to keep the house smelling fresh and dispel any lingering cooking smells.

7. Mom's One-Line-A-Day Journal // My friend Chelsea gifted me this beautiful journal right after I told her we were expecting, and I absolutely love filling it out each day. There's just a few lines for each day, and it's been so fun to jot down one tiny memory or thought from the very beginning of this pregnancy. Things like the first time Matt and I read a book out loud to the baby, or the day I wrote the prayer I've been praying for the baby every day. Little milestones that I don't want to forget. It's been so sweet already to flip back through the entries from the past few weeks and reminisce. I know this will be a treasure for the years to come!

8. Pregnancy Journal from Val Marie Paper // Speaking of journals, this pregnancy journal from Val Marie Paper has been another favorite. It's broken down by trimester and then by weeks, with space to jot down your feelings, fears, prayers for dad, prayers for friends trying to get pregnant, answered prayers, and other sections in between. It's been a super great tool to focus my prayers for the baby and bring so many of my specific worries and fears before God.

9. Statement necklaces // I feel like my style has become SUPER basic and kind of, well, boring, since getting pregnant, since my wardrobe is so limited and I'm still figuring it all out. So accessories have been my go-to to jazz up the same old daily uniform of jeans and a tshirt. Statement necklaces are especially fun as we head into spring and summer for adding some pizzaz to less than exciting outfits.

10. BabyList Registry // Matt and I decided to create an online baby registry using the amazing, free service through BabyList. It's a universal wish list that allows you to easily add items from any store, including Etsy, along with heartfelt gifts like help with meals and babysitting. My sister in law introduced me to it (her and my brother-in-law are also due with their first this summer!) and I'm in LOVE. I've added items from a million stores, including some local ones, and even Etsy! I love that we've been able to almost completely create our registry from our couch, instead of taking an hours-long trip to Babies-R-Us. True story: I haven't even set foot in a Buy Buy Baby or Babies-R-Us yet. They kind of freak me out. We're planning on going soon to see some of the items we registered for in person, like the stroller, to make sure we like them, but other than that, I'm happy to keep adding to the list from my laptop :)

If you're an expecting mama, is there anything you found during pregnancy that you LOVED? I'd love to hear! XOXO!