goals for april

aprilgoals-01 How is it already April?! How is it that I find myself once again confused at the first of the month, as to how we got here so quickly? Time. Is. Flying.

I am SO EXCITED for this month, though. My parents are finally home from 3 months in Mexico, and were formally introduced to the Keinsley Baby Bump on Monday. Easter this weekend, and I get to see my favorite Mimi (grandma), who I haven't seen since last September! The Indy Eleven home opener is next weekend, and oh how I love soccer season in my city. Plus, we find out if Le Bebe K is a wee little gent or a tiny little miss this month--April 28th!! It's going to be a month packed with celebration, sweet family time, fun weekends and soaking up the (finally) gorgeous weather. Which means I'm going to have to seriously buckle down and be super efficient during my work time, so I can really LIVE and REST during my off hours :) I'm excited to have my April goals dialed down--they feel realistic and doable (but of course, we shall see!)

Here's a quick recap of my March goals:


  • One intentional family adventure
  • Finish shopping for spring capsule
  • Register for birth classes (!!)
  • Clean out guest room + get it ready to be turned into a nursery
  • Read “Seven” + “Mary Heart” (trying again since I got super caught up in fiction last month!)
  • Celebrate someone else
  • Design + launch wedding products
  • Design + launch spring products
  • Study Proverbs
  • Plan/design photo books + scrapbooks (trying to catch up before baby is here!)


  • Barre class x3 (I actually only went twice per week, but decided that's more realistic and still gets great use out of my membership)
  • Blog x3 (I did this most weeks!)
  • One date night
  • One family walk with Scout
  • Complete weekly work checklist
  • Establish one business system per week
  • Social media-free weekends (even when Matt works!)
  • One Rosary
  • Business finance check-in
  • 80/20 Paleo (if we eat 3 meals a day 7 days a week, 17 of the 21 need to be Paleo. If I eat 2 snacks a day 7 days a week, 11 or 12 of the 14 need to be Paleo)


  • Praise the Lord + invite him into my day
  • Drink 100 ounces of water
  • Love on Matt
  • Take my vitamin
  • One act of self-care

A few of those goals I'm tweaking and rolling over into April, or just rolling over as-is. Progress, not perfection, right?!

So, here are my official April goals:


  • Complete an Instagram fast. On a whim, I swore off Instagram last Friday. I wasn't sure how long it'd be for, but I really feel this pressing to do it for a full month. I posted quickly today about my friend Jen and the anniversary of her husband Nate's death, but now I'm off again for the rest of the month. Wish me luck!
  • Read Babywise, In Defense of Food and a fiction novel (probably one of the books already on my shelf!)
  • Clean out the baby's dresser and purge + organize the baby's room closet
  • Spending challenge from 7. I read 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess last weekend and it rocked my world. In April, Matt and I are spending money in only 7 places: the grocery store (for grocery items only--no jaunts down the home goods aisle), the gas station, online bill pay, church tithing, adding to our savings accounts, my barre membership (because I'll get charged a fee if I cancel before the minimum commitment is reached) and essential oils (because I won't be eligible for commissions unless I'm enrolled in a monthly autoship.) We went COMPLETELY off the rails in March budget-wise (more on that later!) and it was sobering and motivating. Here goes nothing!
  • One date night without phones (we nixed our date night budget for April--see above--so I'm hoping for just one solid date night doing something fo' free and phoneless!)
  • Design + list three product lines in my shop
  • Paint the baby's room
  • Celebrate the gender reveal (we aren't doing a party or anything, but I want to celebrate finding out if we have a son or daughter simply + well, even if it's just the two of us!)


  • Barre class x2 
  • Create a realistic work list each week + complete it by quitting time on Friday
  • Stick to the meal plan we create
  • Establish one business system
  • Give something away
  • Pray one Rosary
  • Pray with Matt once (we're working on prayer together--any tips for doing devotionals or prayer regularly as husband and wife? We struggle in this area.)
  • One family walk
  • Cook dinner together at least once


  • Praise the Lord + invite Him into my day
  • Take. My. Vitamin.
  • Love Matt well
  • Give thanks
  • Drink enough water

There you have it!! Most of my weekly + daily goals are rolled over from month to month; the idea is that soon they'll become habits, rather than goals. Some of them are definitely well on their way, but I'm also majorly struggling in other areas. Oh well! What are your goals this month? I'd love to hear!

And just for fun, here's a photo from the real camera of the latest baby bump. Now that I don't have Facebook OR Instagram, where else am I supposed to post these?! Thanks to Elise for the snap :)