photo_walk024 I found myself grumbling a lot this week. Complaining about the cold. Complaining about how I felt. Complaining about all sorts of things. And then I found this post from a lovely lady whose blog I just discovered + adore, and it helped to shift my perspective. There's so much to be grateful for, even in the midst of this mundane, ordinary and rudely cold week, and I want to take the time to give thanks. So I'm taking a leaf out of Emily's book and writing a similar post, I loved hers so. So here goes, moments from a completely normal week that I want to remember always.

01. I padded out to the mailbox in my bare feet (a bad habit, especially on 30-degree days) and got the mail. Tucked back in the warmth of my house, I opened the two letters from a family in Haiti whose child I sponsored after a trip there in college. My eyes misted over as I read their words. "We are doing very well, by grace of God. We pray for you every day." And the letter from Naetchkerli herself, who was barely three when I met her in Plaisance, Haiti, on my spring break junior year. "I am very grateful for you. I pray for you always." The letters were addressed to me by name. Pam, the woman who leads the Haiti trips, told me they had the letters waiting fr her when she arrived. I was, and still am, blown away. That a family on the other side of the world who I barely supported with my meager college income, who I stopped supporting long ago, remembered me by name and prays for me every day. Gratitude.

02. I overslept after being awake most of the night, a common occurrence when Matt works overnight. Although it was much later than I planned on getting up, I was woken up by the bright sunlight streaming into my bedroom, making rainbows on the wood floors and bathing the bedspread in that golden morning glow. The best way to wake up, if you ask me. Gratitude.

03. Matt has worked every day this week, including two 24-hour shifts, and works throughout the weekend as well. It's been a hard, long week, but we got to sit down together to eat dinner on the couch (our guilty pleasure) and watch The Voice two nights in a row. Treasured time together in this nonstop work week. Gratitude.

04. After being inspired by this post on Wednesday, I decided to take the afternoon "off" and invest in some self care. It was so good for my soul + my brain to breathe and rest. A little thrifting, an empty grocery store (early afternoon is apparently the time to go) and a little baking to whip up a sweet spring treat was just what the doctor ordered. Gratitude.

05. I was standing in the shower, letting the hot water stream down around me, and realized what a gift it is to be able to take a long, steaming hot shower by myself in the middle of the day. I'd just had a hard workout and needed to spend an hour doing the things that make me feel pretty. Clean, blow-dried hair. Freshly shaved + lotiony legs. New nail polish. A gift to myself, especially when I can tell that I'm fast approaching burnout. Gratitude.

So with a much more grateful heart, and a whole lot less grumbling, I feel ready to welcome the weekend. I hope you do, too! XO!