the best dog snacks

chewyheader-01 If you follow me on Instagram, it's no secret that I'm pretty obsessed with our dog, Scout. He is a total ham and we love him like CRAZY. He was adopted from the shelter, and while he knew some commands, he definitely needed some training. Soon after we adopted him, we took him to an 8-week training course locally at a kennel/training facility run by a family who truly cares for dogs. Our trainer, Bruce, gave us tons of good information in the orientation session, but one thing in particular really struck me. Bruce talked about how with dogs, just like humans, their nutrition is super important. Just like what we eat affects us humans physically and even mentally, the same is true for dogs. You might think that any old grocery store brand of food is okay, but the reality is that for a lot of dogs, it's not going to be okay--just like humans. That really resonated with me because of my food allergies, and from my own personal experience learning how the quality of food I eat affects me not only physically, but mentally as well. I can totally tell when I've been eating poorly for my body because I'm way more agitated, nervous, prone to anxiety and it's harder for me to focus. Scout had (and still has) some issues with anxiety and nervousness when we brought him home, so I knew right then at that orientation meeting that I wanted him to have the best food and treats possible to help him feel the best he could and to help us, too, since his behavior would likely be better the better food he was eating. So now he is on a very high quality food and I became really committed to researching any potential treats we'd give him to ensure that they were using the highest quality ingredients and wouldn't run down his little puppy system.

It's also been quite the feat figuring out what treats Scout even likes, because he hasn't appeared to be very treat motivated (unless he's getting a nibble of bacon, naturally.) So I was thrilled when I discovered, a one-stop pet shop that stocks food, treats and goodies from top-rated brands. They only carry the best in food and treat brands, because they believe that your pet deserves the best (can I get an amen?!) and it's super convenient to be able to go to one spot, pick out your favorite food, treats and other necessities, and have it shipped to your door!

This month was our first time trying Chewy and we love it. We introduced Scout to the Canidae Grain-Free Biscuits with salmon and sweet potato, and another variety with duck and chickpeas. Scout absolutely gobbles these up, and you can easily break the individual treats in half (there is a serrated line to make breaking easy!) when we are working on training him in the backyard. We also got the Happy Hips Salmon Jerky, and I think Scout died and went to doggy heaven when I gave him these. I actually gave him a strip of salmon jerky followed by a couple Canidae biscuits, and he had zero interest in the biscuits once he got a taste of the jerky. Ha! Smart dog. So now we know to only give him a jerky strip every few days--long enough for him to forget about them, and therefore be content with the smaller biscuits for awhile :) I like that I can read and understand all the ingredients in the ingredients list--the same thing I look for in my own food. I've read all the scary articles about treats made in China and all the crazy things they can put into dog food, so I really love that Chewy offers an alternative. The Canidae biscuits are even made in the USA!'s customer service is amazing, their shipping is crazy fast, and the convenience can't be beat. If you have a beloved pet at home (cat or dog!) and you want a one-stop shop, I'd highly recommend trying You can even get on an autoship plan, where the products you're buying often can be shipped automatically to you each month! I'm all about these autoship services lately (Amazon has one too!) and I know I'll be even more grateful for them once the baby comes. We all know the stories about how when you have a newborn the dog never gets fed? Poor Scout. Not with Chewy in the picture! Scout, you're welcome.


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