Monday currently // 04



Eating / Reese eggs by the dozen. But hey--they're gluten free! ;) Drinking / Orange juice by the gallon. I canNOT get enough citrus/fruit this pregnancy. Gimme all the OJ and clementines and kiwi, please. Practicing / Some serious self-love. I've been beating myself up a bit for not working out enough / not eating right / not being productive enough, and I'm realizing that I'm just being a huge jerk to myself in a season where I just need some extra grace + margin as I try to grow a human on top of everything else. Mastering / How to get beachy, I-just-woke-up-like-this waves for my new super-short 'do. Learning / a lot about who God is this Lent. It's been soooo good. Trying / to finalize my spring capsule--oy. I ordered several things online only to discover they weren't quite the right size/fit :( Working on returns + exchanges and nailing down those final pieces. It feels close! Playing / Settlers of Catan! I played for the first time last night and woke up this morning immediately wanting to play again--haha! I think it might be my next Amazon purchase... Finishing / designing products to list before my business's second birthday next weekend. I want to have 100 products listed in the shop by Saturday--eeeks! Reading / The Fringe Hours -- SO AMAZING. And this devotional is incredible as well. Remembering / to take my freaking vitamin. IT'S SO HARD TO REMEMBER. Wearing / GAP non-maternity jeans + comfy sweatshirt. Battling a little bit of self-image today...I don't feel curvy + womanly + beautiful....I just feel a little doughy today :( Case of the Mondays...Also, speaking of wearing--there's a huge closet sale happening at the instagram account @shop_theclosets. Six of us came together to get rid of some of our gently worn pieces to make room for new, and there are some amazing things up for grabs! It kicks off Wednesday and will run through Saturday. Be sure you're following @shop_theclosets so you don't miss out! Working / on an infographic for a blog post for The Archibald Project. Be sure to check the blog later! Traveling / Two big trips are on tap for 2015--Mexico in May and Hawaii in December! And I'm hoping we can sneak in a tiny baby moon trip to Michigan or Nashville too... Wanting / a passion tea lemonade from Starbucks. Perhaps I can convince the husband to run an errand.... ;)