March goals

marchgoals-01 Hard to believe that February already whisked by and here we are, in March. WHERE is this year going?! Although, I am veryyyyyy ready for spring and summer and SEPTEMBER to meet our baby love! So I guess I don't mind :)

I took some time over the weekend as the snow fell like crazy to fill out my March Powersheets. I am truly loving the Powersheets and how they are helping me be super intentional, look backward and forward, and progress each month toward my overall goals for the year. (PS, you can find those goals here!) And I always love linking up with Hayley over at The Tiny Twig for her "goals with grace" series, so here we are at another's month's version!

To recap, here were my goals for February, and how I did accomplishing them.


-Celebrate Matt’s birthday + Valentine’s Day simply and well

-Reconfigure my daily routine (the current division of time among my three jobs is not working)

-One family adventure

-Normalize into exercise routine

-Trim capsule wardrobe down + start to think about spring capsule

-Clean out attic (trying for this one again!)

-One friend date

-Normalize into paleo meals 

-Read 7 and Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

-Finish all classes and webinars

-Finish + launch wedding line in my shop


-one intentional date night

-one intentional + engaged prayer time with Matt

-daily Mass once

-go to barre class three times per week

-prayer walk

-encourage/pour into someone

-business finance check-in

-blog three times per week

-complete weekly work checklist

-stick to paleo meal plan for each week (i.e breakfasts, breakfast + lunch, etc.)


-praise the Lord + invite him into my day

-end work at 5pm

-drink enough water

-love on Matt

-make 3 healthy choices

Overall, things went pretty well in February. There are definitely some things that are NOT working though, and some bad habits I'm starting to notice creeping in. For instance, Matt and I spent a lot of time together last month, but didn't have a single instance of what I would call an intentional date night, whether at home or out. We're also developing a bad habit of eating dinner on the couch in front of the TV instead of at the table. And last week in particular, I was checking my phone first thing in the morning instead of heading to my chair for prayer + journaling. Some things that ARE working include putting my phone on airplane mode and gchat on invisible throughout the day to focus on work, using the Pomodoro Method to focus, spending my mornings on Vallarina and afternoons on The Archibald Project, ending work at 4:30 or 5 (before Matt gets home), and regularly going to work out. Also working well is spending lots more time reading, and lots of extra rest. So I'm definitely going to be incorporating all those things into this month as well.

So, here are my goals for March:


  • One intentional family adventure
  • Finish shopping for spring capsule
  • Register for birth classes (!!)
  • Clean out guest room + get it ready to be turned into a nursery
  • Read "Seven" + "Mary Heart" (trying again since I got super caught up in fiction last month!)
  • Celebrate someone else
  • Design + launch wedding products
  • Design + launch spring products
  • Study Proverbs
  • Plan/design photo books + scrapbooks (trying to catch up before baby is here!)


  • Barre class x3
  • Blog x3
  • One date night
  • One family walk with Scout
  • Complete weekly work checklist
  • Establish one business system per week
  • Social media-free weekends (even when Matt works!)
  • One Rosary
  • Business finance check-in
  • 80/20 Paleo (if we eat 3 meals a day 7 days a week, 17 of the 21 need to be Paleo. If I eat 2 snacks a day 7 days a week, 11 or 12 of the 14 need to be Paleo)


  • Praise the Lord + invite him into my day
  • Drink 100 ounces of water
  • Love on Matt
  • Take my vitamin
  • One act of self-care

What are your goals this month? Do you use the Powersheets? Do you love them? I'd love to know!