Natural Beauty Month

naturalbeautymonth-01 In December, I purchased my first essential oils. I haven't shared much here yet because I'm still learning about them and figuring out how we use them in our daily life, but I really love them and love that they've launched me into this journey of learning more about holistic care and the products we use in our home. When I purchased the starter kit, I was added to the team of Casey Weigand through my friend Wynne Elder, and have really loved being part of Casey's team and all the resources she offers. One thing she's doing this month that I'm SUPER excited about is sharing all about natural beauty throughout the month of March. When I saw her post, I knew I had to join in! I've been slowly transforming the products I use to more holistic and less toxic options, and am so excited to share all about them over the next month.

So far, I've overhauled my shampoo and conditioner, face wash and moisturizer, lotion, deodorant and toothpaste. I'm still on the hunt for hairspray and dry shampoo, and makeup products (although I've found some great options, just haven't purchased yet.) One resource that has been a HUGE help as been the Enviromental Working Group's SkinDeep database. It's a free database with thousands of products that are rated based on tons of data for toxicity. All the products I've bought to replace my old ones are rated as a 0 or 1 on the database (the lowest, best score is 0 and the highest, worst score is 10.) They also have a free SkinDeep app you can download to your phone so you can easily scan products as you go through the store! Typically, I use the database in two ways. I either search for a generic product (i.e. "face wash" or "blush") and browse the lowest rated products, searching them in another browser tab to see how much they cost. OR, I find products on Amazon or elsewhere that seem great, pull up their ingredient list, and search any ingredients I don't recognize in the database to see how they rank. That has been super eye-opening, because I've realized that tons of products labeled "natural" or "plant-based" have hidden, icky ingredients in them that I don't want on my skin.

I am learning so, so much and my eyes have totally been opened to what we're putting into our bodies through our skin. It's something I've gotten really convicted about, because it doesn't make any sense to me that I'm willing to shell out tons of dollars for free-range, organic chicken and organic vegetables, yet I'm putting crazy toxic chemicals straight into my bloodstream every day via the products I'm putting on my skin.

It's true that it can be SUPER overwhelming, so my advice is to do it little by little. As I run out of products, I've researched better options. For me, it's too much to overhaul my whole bathroom cabinet at once. But I'm hopeful that the products I and other members of our team will be sharing over the next month will be helpful if you're looking to make the switch to more natural products, too!

Be sure to check out the hashtag #naturalbeautymonth on Instagram as we'll be sharing lots there, and check back here throughout the month for different posts on the products I've been trying. And if you want more info on essential oils or you're interested in trying them, leave a comment and I'd love to chat with you more! XO!

*photo via Casey Leigh essentials