travel crush: north shore

It is COLD here in central Indiana (despite a rude tease of gorgeous spring weather over the weekend) so obviously I am dreaming of warmer climates and summer attire. I am soooo beyond excited about a big trip we have coming up in December (which is so far away, I know) with my whole family...we are going to HAWAII! We are celebrating my dad's 50th birthday, my parents' 30th anniversary and Christmas! My dad had a great idea this past Christmas that instead of doing a lot of presents now that we are all grown, to do a trip or experience instead. I love that! So we're headed to Oahu to spend a week on the North Shore. I cannot even wait. And we will be traveling there with a 3-month old (did you hear?!) which feels a little crazy, so I'm sure I'll be hitting up all you seasoned travel mamas when the time gets closer... Anyway, on this dreary, gray day I thought I'd share some gorgeous photos of my recent travel crush: the North Shore! I'm so excited to drink out of a coconut, wear a real lei and learn to surf! Have you been? Any must-see's? I know it's so far out on the calendar but you can bet this girl already has a Google Doc started ;)


Photos via here, here, here, here and here.