goals with grace: february

goalsfeb-01 I always love linking up with Hayley Morgan for her Goals with Grace at the beginning of each month. It's been really fun to discover other bloggers than way, and I feel so much more accountable + motivated when I share my goals!

Speaking of Hayley, she is one of my favorite goal-setters. Hayley, Jess Connolly and Nancy Ray are three lovely women who I always look to at the beginning of the month to see what they're focusing on, and I always walk away inspired. Do check them out!

I don't think I shared my goals for January, but here they were:


-One family adventure

-Clean out attic + garage

-take donations to goodwill/O'Connor House

-create blog media kit + add sponsorship opportunities

-square away tax stuff for 2014

-Read The Circle Maker and The Love Dare

-send Christmas thank-you notes


-Blog at least twice per week

-Call my mom & dad

-business finance check-in

-Date night

-prayer walk

-send a letter or note to someone


-morning prayer

-show love to Matt

-3 healthy choices

-read for fun

-take my vitamin

Aaaaand the verdict was...that January was a rough month for me and goals. Coming back to work after a long (2.5 week!) holiday vacation was harder than I anticipated. I settled into a new routine with my new role as Creative Director for The Archibald Project, struggled with time management balancing my commitment to TAP, Love By Design and Vallarina, had a ton of tasks on my plate for the Rotary club I'm president of, and the typical winter blues I experience in January hit. I've been sick and extra tired and the result of all of that was that I din't accomplish what I set out to, felt guilty and inadequate about it, and ate too many brownies. BUT! February is here and with it, a fresh start.

So here are my February goals, with a renewed focus and much better handle on what I'll be able to accomplish:


-Celebrate Matt's birthday + Valentine's Day simply and well

-Reconfigure my daily routine (the current division of time among my three jobs is not working)

-One family adventure

-Normalize into exercise routine

-Trim capsule wardrobe down + start to think about spring capsule

-Clean out attic (trying for this one again!)

-One friend date

-Normalize into paleo meals (thanks to someone's suggestion on Instagram, I'm taking the whole month of February to do this, one week at a time. For one week, I'll focus on eating paleo breakfasts. The next week, add lunch. The next week, add dinners and finally the last week, add snacks + drinks so by the end of the month, everything I'm eating + drinking will be paleo. I'm hopeful and this feels realistic and doable!)

-Read 7 and Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

-Finish all classes and webinars (I have several Influence Network classes stored up, along with an instagram class, a business systems class and the Playbook webinar from Emily Ley I bought ages ago. Time to knock it all out!)

-Finish + launch wedding line in my shop (this feels ambitious but I'm hopeful)


-one intentional date night

-one intentional + engaged prayer time with Matt

-daily Mass once

-go to barre class three times per week

-prayer walk

-encourage/pour into someone

-business finance check-in

-blog three times per week

-complete weekly work checklist

-stick to paleo meal plan for each week (i.e breakfasts, breakfast + lunch, etc.)


-praise the Lord + invite him into my day

-end work at 5pm

-drink enough water

-love on Matt

-make 3 healthy choices


I also love Hayley's idea of creating a new routine each month, so I'm adopting it. This month, I want to really focus on my nightly routine to prepare for the next day. This includes doing all the dishes before bed, filling + setting the coffee maker, laying out my clothes and making the next day's list.

What are your goals this month? If you want to link up for Goals with Grace, be sure and head to Hayley's post!