Montana | september 2014

I have this new habit of taking tons of photos on a trip, throwing them on a hard drive, and not looking at them until several months later. I did with our honeymoon, I still have photos from three years ago in England to edit (!!) and I did it again with my trip to Montana last September. I kind of love it, though. I get to relive the beauty and the memories months later, instead of days after, when the trip endorphins are still high. Also, if there's a perfect way to edit photos of Montana, it's while listening to Bon Iver, burning a Montana Forest candle and drinking a cup of steaming coffee. So I suggest cranking some said Bon Iver and pouring a cup. Looking at these will be better that way :)

Can I just say that I am in L O V E with Montana. I discovered on this trip that I feel the most me in the mountains. Like my whole soul feels alive. I have always found God the most in the mountains. I feel like I can think more clearly and am the most creative in the mountains. Someday, I'm determined to live in the mountains. If Matt hadn't been at home waiting for me during this trip, I might have stayed forever.

I'll be back, sweet Montana. For now, I'll just be looking at these photos over and over and over again. Just looking at them takes my breath away. If you ever get a chance to visit Glacier National Park, DO IT. It will so be worth it.

^^this is the amazing lodge we stayed at all week. coffee + prayer up on that second floor balcony each morning was AMAZING.