goal setting part 3: the goals

Happy Monday! I'm back today for the final installment in my three-part goal-setting series. You can read part one here and part two here. Today, I wanted to actually share my 2015 goals with you! Thanks to the Powersheets, I set some pretty wide open, overarching themes and goals for the year, then broke them down into actionable steps.  But first, this has been my mantra for the last couple weeks, because typically I do this process and have it all done and set by January 1st. I naturally want to beat myself up for the fact that I'm just now sharing my goals on January 26th, but this is the truth: IMG_4449

image via Lara Casey

After walking through the Powersheets steps and worksheets, I feel really confident about where God wants me to focus my time and energy this year. I prayed more with this goal-setting process than ever before in the past and I know it made a huge difference. These goals feel so much more in line with more core, my big-picture vision and the stirrings the Lord has placed on my heart, so in turn they feel so much more doable and I'm way more motivated to stick to them. One thing I LOVED about the Powersheets is that they ask you to define your "why" for each individual goal. Why are you spending time pursuing that goal? And if you can't answer that question well, it might not be worth your time. So today, I want to share each of my big-picture goals this year, why those goals matter to me, and a few of the actionable steps I outlined for each. I will say this--there are a few goals and steps that feel really personal and close to home, and I'm not quite ready to put them on the internet yet. But rest assured, these are 97% of what I put in my Powersheets :) Not that it matters...but just throwing that out there. Also, I did a separate, identical process to outline my business goals, and Matt and I walked through a similar process based on the Powersheets to set some goals for the two of us and our family. I might share those in the future, but for now, here are my personal goals for 2015!

WHY: Putting good systems in place will free up more of my time to do things only I can do--love and serve my husband and my family and friends. I want to be able to be a good steward with the gifts the Lord has given me and not fritter them away or bury my talents in the sand (Matthew 25)


  • Continue to meet with Will for financial coaching and checking in on my progress
  • Implement a bookkeeping maintenance system Will suggested to me
  • Start and keep a running business budget
  • Evaluate current systems and processes and identify weak spots
  • Identify areas of my business that I can outsource (bookkeeping, email, printing, etc.)
  • Have a monthly check-in meeting with myself to see how the systems are working out and tweak where necessary

WHY: When I pictured where I want to be when I'm 80, the first thing I pictured was sitting in a rocking chair on a wide front porch, holding Matt's hand. You don't get to be married for 50, 60, 70 years by happenstance or accident. I want to pour into Matt each and every day and I want to fully step into the role God has called me to as Matt's wife!


  • Get up from my desk chair and greet Matt each day when he comes home
  • Pray for and with him
  • Sleeping without phones in our bedroom so we can be really present at night and in the morning
  • Random acts of kindness for Matt throughout the day and week
  • Know what his love language is and be mindful of doing things to keep his love tank full (if you haven't read The Five Love Languages, do it! It's amazing)
  • Weekly date night
  • One weekly prayer date
  • Cook dinner together whenever possible
  • A fun adventure at least once a month

WHY: I can't pour myself out for others when I am running on empty! I want to care for myself well so I can care for others well.


  • Reading nightly
  • No checking social media until AFTER morning prayer
  • daily morning prayer time
  • Eating well throughout the day
  • Drinking at least 72oz of water each day
  • Taking my vitamin
  • Scheduling coffee dates and catch-up chats with friends
  • social media-free weekends
  • getting outside each and every day
  • Making gratitude lists daily
  • Taking Influence Net classes and participating in the rich Influence Net community
  • Asking for prayer
  • Renewing my barre membership and working out again
  • Finding nature-y adventures right here in my own backyard (I realized over the summer that I feel most alive in the mountains + hiking. We don't have mountains here, but we have parks and trails and rivers to kayak and I'm determined to seek those things out!)

WHY: The less stuff I have and have to do, the freer and more truly alive I feel. The less stuff I have, the more white space I have to hear and experience God.


  • Clean out the attic and garage
  • Have a garage sale
  • Commit and complete a contentment challenge
  • Do a monthly "house sweep" to get rid of unnecessary clutter
  • Prepare more simple meals that are ethically sourced
  • Create an even leaner spring wardrobe

WHY: Constantly running ragged trying to be all things to all people all at once turns me into a not-so-nice person to the people that matter most to me. I need to observe good boundaries for myself so that I have the space to recharge and rest, so I can be my best self for others.


  • Sleep with the phone in another room
  • Social media-free weekends
  • Only open my email app for specific tasks (instead of leaving it open as a browser tab all day)
  • No phone use after 8pm (on nights when Matt is home)
  • Keep phone on silent during working hours to be my most productive
  • Say "no" to opportunities that arise during work hours (such as a non-TAP email that I think "needs" my attention during designated TAP work hours)
  • Self-check before posting on social media (I love the questions this article asks)
  • Put dates, family adventure + quality time with Matt on the calendar before agreeing to any other commitments, social or family or otherwise

WHY: Being a fierce supporter of others gets me out of my "it's all about me" box and allows me to be blessed by how God is working in others' lives. Instead of the comparison trap, cheering others on allows my gratitude to grow.


  • Send one snail mail note a week to encourage someone
  • Leave comments on blogs and social media to encourage
  • Practice random acts of kindness, like leaving notes for strangers to find
  • Pray for opportunities to be stretched and grow in charity
  • Keep a prayer journal for others

WHY: Our home is more than 4 walls to be featured in a magazine; it is the place where we live, breathe, laugh, cry, rest and play. I want it to be a place of deep comfort, joy and a deep well that we can draw on when the world is too much. I want it to be a place of comfort and respite for our friends and family, as well.


  • Hang Scripture on the walls
  • Plan + use our monthly house budget wisely
  • Sit on all decorating + renovation plans for a looooong while before jumping in
  • Research DIY options for all projects before deciding on anything
  • Write down a manifesto for our home, what it's purpose is, and post it
  • Give thanks for our home each day
  • Display treasures from travels and mementos from our life together

WHY: Keeping my heart centered on God keeps everything else in line; it brings everything into focus and keeps my days (which add up into months, and years) focused on what matters most.


  • Daily morning prayer routine
  • Create a prayer corner with all my favorite prayer tools and items (journal, bible, etc.)
  • Ask others to pray for me
  • Pray for others and ask how I can pray for specific people (and write them down)
  • Listen to worship music while working
  • Read a good book or the bible while eating, instead of looking at my phone
  • Read 6 books on faith in action this year
  • Do at least one focused study, such as Naptime Diaries or She Reads Truth or Life Lived Beautifully
  • Make a daily gratitude list
  • Memorize a verse each week
  • Listen to podcasts and sermons

WHY: There is nothing that will matter more when I'm 80 than having celebrated life each and every day and made the most of every moment with my loves! No amount of Instagram followers or shop sales can take the place of sweet moments shared with my family.


  • Put family adventures on the calendar at the start of each month
  • Make a list of adventures we want to have in the year, and then put them on the calendar to commit to them
  • Commit to work hours and don't overstep them (no more working until 8pm at night!)
  • Social media-free weekends (are you sensing a theme here...:) )
  • Rent movies from the library we've never seen
  • Cook together and eat without our phones at the table
  • Play games together at night (we currently love Gin Rummy and chess!)
  • If we have quality time planned, even if it's just an at-home date night, SAY NO to whatever comes up instead

So, there you go! My 2015 personal goals, although some overlap with my business goals and several overlap or are along the same lines as Matt and I's goals. The more I honed in on what I wanted from this year (and life as a whole) the clearer my focus became and the easier this was. I already feel a difference in just the last three weeks, having these in place, and am so excited and anticipatory for what this year holds!