1 piece, 3 ways: graphic tee

People ask me often, in reference to my capsule wardrobe, "don't you feel like you're wearing the same stuff over and over and over again?" And I guess the practical answer is, well, yes, because I AM wearing the same 10-15 core pieces over and over. The difference is that with a capsule wardrobe (with mine at least), every piece works together, so the combination of those few pieces feels endless! I don't feel stuck in an outfit rut or like I'm uninspired with no ideas for what to wear. In fact, it's the opposite! I feel like I put outfits together WAY more now (with less clothes!) than I ever did before, and I feel most like myself, like who I am and how I feel on the inside matches what I'm presenting to the world. Wow, that was such a cheesy thing to say, but it's TRUE! So, I thought I'd share a few of my "real life" outfits, created from my capsule pieces, here and there to hopefully inspire you! You really can make less stuff go a long way. It's really freeing. One of the biggest elements of my personal style is layering. If I could sum up my ideal style, it'd be like those girls you see in the airport, who look like they are super well-traveled and adventurous, they're rocking a patched backpack and a cool, understated, pulled-together outfit that manages to look effortless without looking sloppy. That's my style in a nutshell. I love basics, and I love layering, and I need to be able to pull myself together in ten minutes or less in the morning, or I get overwhelmed. One major element of my style "uniform" is the tee. Oh, how I love basic tees. I live in them! So when I saw that this graphic tee was up for grabs as a reward for backing my friend's kickstarter, I was all about it. I wear it SO often. Here are three of my favorite ways to style it!

way #1: over a ruffled slip, with skinnies + saddle shoes

capsule pieces: graphic tee, dark skinnies, ruffled slip, saddle shoes (the ruffled slip elevates this from plain-jane jeans + tee and makes it look more pulled together!)

way #2: under a blazer, with a hat for extra flair

capsule pieces: graphic tee, dark skinnies, tweed blazer, ankle boots (bonus! hats, scarves, jewelry and accessories aren't part of my capsule, so I can make a ton of different outfits just using these!)

way #3: tied over a maxi dress with a layered cardigan

capsule pieces: graphic tee, black maxi, cable knit cardigan, ankle boots (pro tip: I find that a maxi dress is more versatile than a skirt for this exact reason. When I need a black maxi skirt, I just throw a top over the top of the dress and boom--this one piece can double as both!)