goal setting part 2: saying yes + no

IMG_6614 I'm back for more in my goal-setting series and how I'm doing goals this year!

In part 1, I talked about what went well and what didn't go so well in 2014. You can read it here.

This next phase focused on thinking through all the things that fire me up. I did this exercise at Making Things Happen and it was SO eye-opening!! I realized that a lot of my day was spent filled with things that do NOT fire me up, leaving very little room for the things that do. No wonder I'd been running around like crazy, never feeling rested or recharged or fulfilled. That has been changing little by little over the last few months and is changing in a big way now that we are into 2015!

Here's a snapshot of some things that fire me up:


What does that have to do with goals? I believe the things that stir your heart, do so for a reason. We were made so lovingly and intentionally by God. He didn't put a passion for the mountains in my heart for no reason. I'm not quite sure what that has to do with my life yet, other than Matt and I talking often about retiring to the mountains someday, but it's there! A few things really jumped out at me from my list. Celebrating life fires me up. I LOVE birthdays, holidays and everything in between. I love throwing parties because it's a Tuesday. I firmly believe life should be celebrated. So running a stationery shop catering to life's celebrations? That goal is right in line with my heart, with the very core of who I am. So making this list? It's HUGE. It told me so much about myself and the things I should be pursuing!

Piggybacking off this list, I thought through the big picture. Where do I want to be when I'm 80? What will matter? What legacy will I want to leave? When I'm 80, I want to be more in love with my Matt than ever, living in a house in the country or the mountains that we built, surrounded by kids and grandkids and neighbors and friends. In short, people will matter. I want to be staring down a legacy of a life spent celebrating in all seasons and spent loving with abandon, be known for my servant-heartedness toward others and be known as an encourager to all I meet. When I pictured myself at 80, the number of Instagram followers and Facebook likes and website page views fell away. I just hope that when I get there, I get to wake up every day to a view of God's beautiful Earth, giving thanks to my Maker, and fall asleep each night holding my beloved's hand. And it's important to remember that and to really cling to that vision as you think through your goals, especially for someone like me who gets so caught up in more, more, more. More money in the bank account. More products in my Etsy shop. More followers and likes and on and on the hamster wheel spins. It's good to jump off every now and then and ask yourself WHY? Why am I running an Etsy shop? Why am I working for The Archibald Project? Why am I blogging? For me, the answer to those why's point straight to my big picture vision. I run an Etsy shop because I fully believe in a well-celebrated life, and when I'm 80 I want to have celebrated every ounce of life, and encouraged others to do the same. I want to create beautiful and timeless designs for people who are passionate celebrators of life as well. I work for The Archibald Project because I believe love is my vocation, and I want to use all my skills and talents to love the orphans of this world, and those who care for them, with every ounce I have. I blog because I want to encourage you to live a well-lived life, an intentional, joy-filled life, no matter your circumstances or budget. Those things combine to create the legacy I want to leave in this world and the kind of life I want to look back on when I'm 80. Also, kiss Matt as much as possible is another big theme on my road to that ideal 80-year-old life, but that's another story :)

The last piece of this part was writing down what I'm saying YES to this year, and what I'm saying NO to. This was super helpful for me, being such a visual person. It was so freeing to write it out, pen on paper, black and white. Here is what I want to do with my year, and how I want to spend my time, and here's what I'm NOT spending my time on. I plan on putting this list up on my office wall (once my office no longer looks like this!)

What I'm saying YES to:

  • grace for myself and others
  • gratitude lists
  • set work hours
  • boundaries
  • morning prayer
  • a real alarm clock
  • cultivating deeper relationships
  • meals with a book instead of my phone
  • healing
  • saying no
  • LESS (read more about that here)
  • simplicity
  • forgiveness
  • intimacy with the Lord
  • dreaming BIG dreams
  • the unknown
  • trusting whole-heartedly in God's great plan for me and our family
  • phoneless date nights

What I'm saying NO to:

  • comparison
  • negativity
  • following people on social media who make me feel bad
  • working 24/7
  • corporate design
  • Facebook during work hours
  • sleeping with my phone in arm's reach
  • irresponsible spending
  • multi-tasking
  • my short temper
  • phone after 8pm
  • believing lies about my worth instead of the truth
  • feeling bad or ashamed for loving Jesus and living that love out in my life

Next week, I'll be sharing my goals for this year, and how I broke them down into monthly, weekly and daily actionable steps. Happy weekend!

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